Tuesday, December 30, 2008

J.D. Robb Book Order

In Death Series

1. Naked In Death
2. Glory In Death
3. Immortal In Death
4. Rapture In Death
5. Ceremony In Death
6. Vengeance In Death
7. Holiday In Death
7.5 "Midnight in Death" (in the Silent Night anthology or the Three in Death anthology)
8. Conspiracy In Death
9. Loyalty in Death
10. Witness In Death
11. Judgment in Death
12. Betrayal in Death
12.5 "Interlude in Death" (in the Out of this World anthology or the Three in Death anthology)
13. Seduction in Death
14. Reunion in Death
15. Purity in Death
16. Portrait in Death
17. Imitation in Death
17.5 Remember When (Note: This book has been reissued as two separate books. The first half as Hot Rocks by Nora Roberts and the second half, which is set in the In Death-verse, as Big Jack by J.D. Robb)
18. Divided in Death
19. Visions in Death
20. Survivor in Death
21. Origin in Death
22. Memory In Death
22.5 "Haunted in Death" (in the Bump in the Night anthology or the Three in Death anthology)
23. Born In Death
24. Innocent in Death
24.5 "Eternity in Death" (in the Dead of Night anthology)
25. Creation in Death
26. Strangers In Death.
27. Salvation In Death
27.5 "Ritual in Death" (in the Suite 606 anthology)
28. Promises in Death
29. Kindred in Death
29.5 "Missing in Death" (in The Lost anthology)
30. Fantasy in Death
31. Indulgence in Death
31.5 "Possession in Death" (in The Other Side anthology)
32. Treachery in Death
33. New York to Dallas - My Review
33.5 "Chaos in Death" (in The Unquiet anthology)
34. Celebrity in Death - My Review
35. Delusion in Death - My Review
36. Calculated in Death - My Review
37. Thankless in Death - My Review
37.5. "Taken in Death" (in the Mirror, Mirror anthology)
38. Concealed in Death - My Review
39. Festive in Death - My Review
40. Obsession in Death - My Review
41. Devoted in Death - My Review
41.5. "Wonderment in Death" (in the Down the Rabbit Hole anthology) - My Review
42. Brotherhood in Death - My Review
43. Apprentice in Death - My Review
44. Echoes in Death
45. Secrets in Death
46. Dark in Death
47. Leverage in Death
48. Connections in Death
49. Vendetta in Death
50. Golden in Death
51. Shadows in Death
52. Faithless in Death
53. Forgotten in Death
53. Forgotten in Death
54. Abandoned in Death
55. Desperation in Death
56. Encore in Death
57. Payback in Death
58. Random in Death - My Review
59. Passions in Death (available 9/3/24)

Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Maximum Exposure by Alison Kent

**Note: this review is spoiler-free, so read on without fear**

Private Investigator Finn McLain has handled his share of odd assignments, so when lovesick gallery owner Dustin Parks hires him to go to Miami and dig up information on Roland Green, the manager of a small boutique, Finn thinks nothing of it. But this assignment turns out to be more complicated than Finn could have imagined when he meets the boutique’s sexy owner, Olivia Hammond.

From the moment they meet, Olivia knocks Finn’s socks off with an unusual business proposal. She needs a photographer to take pictures of her for an erotic art exhibit, and she thinks Finn’s just the man for the job. Finn can’t help but be intrigued by the proposal, nor by the stunning woman who claims she likes to “let people look.”

Finn knows there’s far more to Olivia than she’s letting on and he takes her up on the offer, eager to discover what mysteries lie beneath Olivia’s exhibitionist façade. With each photograph, each erotic encounter, Olivia and Finn get closer and closer, the pull between them undeniable. But even as desire burns hot between the lovers, Finn’s simple investigation assignment uncovers dangerous information people are willing to kill to keep hidden.

The clock is ticking, and both Finn and Olivia have to decide if it’s worth taking a chance and revealing all their secrets for a love more wild and passionate then either could ever have dreamed.

Better have those oven mitts ready because Maximum Exposure is hot enough to burn! Alison Kent has penned an explosively hot romance filled with, action, intrigue, and sizzling sensuality.

Finn is a hero who just comes alive on the page. He has that slightly rumpled sexiness that hits strong and hard because you don’t expect if from such a seemingly laid-back male. Olivia, for her part, was an interesting heroine. She’s completely open and comfortable with her sexuality, which I admire, but she also uses exhibitionism as armor. As Finn starts to get under her skin, there are chinks in that armor, and the vulnerability hidden beneath and the reasons for it are heartbreaking, serving only to make her a more endearing character. Ms. Kent made me care about Finn and Olivia’s romance, not just for the story’s sake, but because I cared about the two of them and wanted nothing more than for them to find happiness with one another.

In addition to Olivia and Finn’s story, there’s a strong subplot involving Roland Green, who is actually undercover DEA agent Roman Greyle. Without giving away plot spoilers, I will say that Roman has an equally steamy romance with Jodi Fontaine whose boss, Dustin, is in love with the supposedly gay “Roland.” Roman and Jodi’s storyline was every bit as engaging as Finn and Olivia’s and I enjoyed seeing how the two plots converged.

Maximum Exposure releases November 25, 2008. It is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Kent and it definitely won’t be my last. A captivating blend of sex and danger, Maximum Exposure is not to be missed!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Breed Series Sibling Information

As requested, I’m including a list I compiled of siblings (or in two cases cousins) of the heroes and heroines of Lora Leigh’s Breed series. As I don’t want to add even more information to the current book order, I’m making this its own reference page. The series order with hero, heroine, and Breed type can be found here.

At the moment I am only including sibling information on heroes and heroines. If new information appears in future books, I will hold off on posting it for a few months so as to avoid spoilers.

Please note that I have compiled this information myself. While I believe it to be correct, any mistakes are purely my own and should be checked against the books themselves.

Breed Series Sibling Information:

Callan (Tempting the Beast)
Brothers: Dane (full sibling) and Jonas (half-sibling, same father)
Pride Siblings (not blood related, but like family): Taber (The Man Within), Sherra (Kiss of Heat), Dawn (Dawn's Awakening), Tanner (Tanner's Scheme), Dayan

Merinus (Tempting the Beast)
Brothers: Kane (Kiss of Heat), Caleb, Gray, James, and 3 more (unnamed)

Taber (The Man Within)
Pride Siblings: Callan, Sherra, Dawn, Tanner, and Dyan

Roni (The Man Within)
Half-brother: Seth (Dawn’s Awakening, same father)

Kane (Kiss of Heat)
Sister: Merinus (Tempting the Beast)
Brothers: Caleb, Gray, James, and 3 more (unnamed)

Sherra (Kiss of Heat)
Pride Siblings: Callan, Taber, Dawn, Tanner, and Dyan

Lyra ("The Breed Next Door")
Brothers: 3 (unnamed)

Megan (Megan’s Mark)
Cousin: Lance (Harmony’s Way)

Harmony (Harmony’s Way)
Half-brother: Jonas (same mother)

Lance (Harmony’s Way)
Cousin: Megan (Megan’s Mark)

Tanner (Tanner’s Scheme)
Twin: Cabal
Pride Siblings: Callan, Taber, Dawn, Sherra, and Dyan

Faith (Jacob’s Faith)
Brother: Aiden (Aiden’s Charity)

Aiden (Aiden’s Charity)
Sister: Faith (Jacob’s Faith)

Matthais ("In a Wolf’s Embrace")
Siblings: 3 (gender and names unknown, same mother)

Grace ("In a Wolf’s Embrace")
Brothers: 3 (unnamed)

Dawn (Dawn’s Awakening)
Pride Siblings: Callan, Taber, Tanner, Sherra, and Dyan

Saban ("A Jaguar’s Kiss")
Sister: Chimera

Natalie ("A Jaguar’s Kiss")
Brother: (unnamed)

Jonas (Lion Heat, release date unknown)
Half-brothers: Dane and Callan (Tempting the Beast) (same father)
Half-sister: Harmony (Harmony's Way) (same mother)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kinley MacGregor Book Order

Click on series title to jump to a particular reading order:

The MacAllisters/Brotherhood of the Sword
Lords of Avalon
Sea Wolves
Stand Alones

Note: Kinley MacGregor also writes as Sherrilyn Kenyon and the Sherrilyn Kenyon reading order can be found here.

The MacAllisters/Brotherhood of the Sword (the two series intertwine)

1. Master of Desire
Draven and Emily
(Connected to both series)

2. Claiming the Highlander
Braden and Maggie

3. Born in Sin
Sin and Caledonia

4. Taming the Scotsman
Ewan and Nora
(Brotherhood of the Sword characters appear)

5. Midsummer's Knight (in Where's My Hero anthology)
Simon and Kenna
Brotherhood of the Sword
(Simon is a supporting character in Master of Desire and Born in Sin)

6. A Dark Champion
Stryder and Rowena
Brotherhood of the Sword

7. Return of the Warrior
Christian and Adara
Brotherhood of the Sword

8. The Warrior
Lochlan and Catarina
(Brotherhood of the Sword characters are a major part of the story)

9. Daemon's Angel (available 9/1/13)
Daemon and Arina
Brotherhood of the Sword


Lords of Avalon

1. Sword of Darkness
Kerrigan and Seren

2. (in the Elemental anthology)

3. Knight of Darkness
Varian and Merewyn

4. Darkness Within (release date unknown)
Kaziel and Avery


Sea Wolves

1. Master of Seduction
Jack and Lorelei

2. A Pirate of Her Own
Morgan and Serenity


Stand Alones

Santa Wore Spurs (in the All I Want for Christmas anthology)
Michael and Catherine

Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shayla Black/Shelley Bradley Book Order

Click on series title to jump to a particular reading order:

Doomsday Brethren Series (paranormal)
Connected Books (contemporary)
Sexy Capers (contemporary)
Stand Alones (w/a Shayla Black)
Stand Alones (w/a Shelley Bradley)

Doomsday Brethren Series (paranormal)

1. Tempt Me With Darkness
Marrok and Olivia

1.5. "Fated" (free novella)
Ronan and Kari

2. Seduce Me In Shadow
Caden and Sydney

3. Possess Me At Midnight
Ice and Sabelle

3.5 "Mated" (in the Haunted by Your Touch anthology, available 10/26/10)

4. Entice Me at Twilight (available 10/26/10)

5. Embrace Me at Dawn (available 4/26/11)


Wicked Lovers (contemporary)

1. Wicked Ties
Jack and Morgan

2. Decadent
Deke and Kimber

3. Delicious
Luc and Alyssa

4. Surrender to Me (est. release date March 2011)

5. Belong to Me (est. release date October 2011)

6. Untitled (est. release date March 2012)


Sexy Capers (contemporary - originally published as Shelley Bradley, reissued as Shayla Black)

1. Bound and Determined

2. Strip Search


Stand Alones w/a Shayla Black

Ellora's Cave

Dangerous Boys and Their Toy (contemporary)
Cameron, Brenna, and Thorn


Stand Alones w/a Shelley Bradley

Samhain Publishing

A Perfect Match (contemporary)

Naughty Little Secret (contemporary)

Sneak Peek (contemporary)

The Lady and the Dragon (historical)

Dangerous Little Secret (contemporary)


Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dark Needs at Night’s Edge by Kresley Cole: A Must Read

**Note: this review is spoiler-free, so read on without fear**

Unbeknownst to humankind, immortals live among us. Creatures of the Lore – vampires, Valkyrie, witches, Lykae, demons, and other magical beings are as real as you or I. Battles have been going on for centuries as different factions of the Lore vie for supremacy. But things are changing. Even as the fighting escalates, enemies have become allies, prejudices are slowly being chipped away, and love seems determined to have its say. This is the world of Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series.

Dark Needs at Night’s Edge takes us to the haunted streets of New Orleans where Conrad Wroth, a vampire driven to madness, hunted by his enemies, and consumed by his need for vengeance, plots to kill his brothers for having turned him into what he hates. In their last effort to bring him back from the brink of destruction, Conrad’s brothers capture and imprison him at Elancourt, an abandoned estate. What they don’t know is that the mansion’s former owner still lives there…and only Conrad can see her.

Néomi Laress was once a famous ballerina, until her life was abruptly cut short by her murder. For more than eighty years she has haunted her home, unable to interact with anyone – until Conrad. Néomi is drawn to Conrad, seeing the man beneath the madness. Can Conrad overcome the darkness inside him? Will love be able to grow between a vampire and a ghost? Or will Conrad’s enemies destroy them both? These questions I leave to be answered by the story.

I have two confessions to make. First, I absolutely love the first four books in Cole’s Immortals After Dark series. Second, I was fully prepared to dislike this book. Conrad begins the book wanting to kill his brothers, Nikolai, Sebastian, and Murdoch. After four books, two of which featured Wroth males as heroes, I am firmly attached to the Wroth brothers and did not believe I could like someone out to harm them for reasons I did not agree with. In addition, I do not, as a rule, like romances featuring ghosts. That being said…

I loved this book! Cole defied my expectations, overcame my biases, and delivered a love story beyond compare. I was engrossed in Conrad’s inner struggle, found myself understanding the reasons that fueled his desire for revenge, and loved his protectiveness of Néomi. I admired Néomi’s inner strength, adored her quirks, and was heartbroken by her need for love. Most importantly, I was completely enthralled by this story from the very beginning. Conrad and Néomi have numerous obstacles to overcome, none the least of which is her being incorporeal. I found myself cheering them on, wondering how their burgeoning love would survive.

I also cannot write this review without praising Cole’s skill, not just as a storyteller, but as a writer. Conrad’s thoughts, his disassociation from himself in his madness, are written in such a way that I am in awe of Cole’s talent. The transition of those thoughts as he slowly begins to reclaim control is so smooth, so flawless, that after I finished Dark Needs at Night’s Edge I found myself flipping back, trying to find the transition point. For this reason alone, I would recommend the book.

One of my favorite aspects of this series is that characters from previous books play strong supporting roles. In Dark Needs at Night’s Edge, readers get to revisit almost all the previous heroes and heroines of the series, and many more favorite characters reappear. In addition, Cole provides some tantalizing hints about her next hero and heroine, Cade and Holly, which makes me grateful Dark Desires After Dusk comes out May 20, 2008.

For those new to Cole’s world, Dark Needs at Night’s Edge does stand on its own. However, for a richer read (as all the supporting characters have appeared in previous books), I recommend reading the entire series, the order of which can be found by clicking here.

Dark Needs at Night’s Edge is a fantastic addition to Cole’s already incredible series. A sexy, tortured hero, an enchanting heroine, an engaging plot, and a beautiful love story all delivered by a truly superb writer make Dark Needs at Night’s Edge a must read!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Christina Dodd Book Order

Click here to jump to a particular series:

Daughter of Montague (historical)
Last Seen in Gothic (suspense)
Murder in Alaska (suspense)
Cape Charade (suspense)
Virtue Falls (suspense)
Bella Terra Deception
The Chosen Ones Series
Darkness Chosen Series (paranormal)
Fortune Hunter Series (contemporary)
Lost Hearts Series (contemporary)
The Lost Princess Series (historical)
The Governess Bride Series (historical)
The Switching Places Series (historical)
The Princess Series (historical)
The Well Pleasured Series (historical)
The Knight Series (historical)
Connected Books (historical)
Stand Alones

Daughter of Montague (historical)

1) A Daughter of Fair Verona (available 6/25/24)


Last Seen in Gothic (suspense)

1) Point Last Seen

1.5) Welcome to Gothic

2) Forget What You Know


Murder in Alaska (suspense)

0.5) Right Motive

1) Wrong Alibi
My Review


Cape Charade (suspense)

**Hard to Kill

1) Dead Girl Running
My Review

** Families and Other Enemies

2) What Doesn't Kill Her
My Review

**Hidden Truths

3) Strangers She Knows
My Review


Virtue Falls (suspense)

*The Listener

1) Virtue Falls

1.5) The Relatives

2) Obsession Falls

*Love Never Dies

3) Because I'm Watching
My Review

*The Watcher

4) The Woman Who Couldn't Scream


Bella Terra Deception (contemporary)

1) Secrets of Bella Terra
Rafe and Brooke
My Review

2) Revenge at Bella Terra
Eli and Chloë

3) Betrayal
Noah and Penelope


The Chosen Ones Series (paranormal)

1) Storm of Visions
Caleb and Jacqueline

2) Storm of Shadows
Aaron and Rosamund

3) Chains of Ice
John and Genny

4) Chains of Fire
Samuel and Isabelle

5) Stone Angel
Liam and Amanda

6) Wilder
Aleksandr and Charisma


Darkness Chosen Series (paranormal)

1) Scent of Darkness
Jasha and Ann

2) Touch of Darkness
Rurik and Tasya

3) Into the Shadow
Adrik and Karen

4) Into the Flame
Firebird and Douglas

*Wilder Family Halloween


Fortune Hunter Series (contemporary)

1) Trouble in High Heels
Brandi and Roberto

2) Tongue in Chic
Devlin and Meadow

3) Thigh High
Jeremiah and Nessa

4) Danger in a Red Dress
Gabriel and Hannah


Lost Hearts Series (contemporary)

1) Just the Way You Are
Zack and Hope

2) Almost Like Being in Love
Dan and Pepper

3) Close to You
Teague and Kate

4) Gabriel's Gift
Gabriel and Hannah


The Lost Princess Series (historical)

1) Some Enchanted Evening
Robert and Clarice

2) The Barefoot Princess
Jermyn and Amy

3) The Prince Kidnaps a Bride
Rainger and Sorcha


The Governess Bride Series (historical)

1) That Scandalous Evening
Ransom and Jane

2) Rules of Surrender
Wynter and Charlotte

3) Rules of Engagement
Devon and Pamela

4) Rules of Attraction
Dougald and Hannah

5) In My Wildest Dreams
Garrick and Celeste

6) Lost in Your Arms
Stephen and Enid

7) My Favorite Bride
William and Samantha

8) My Fair Temptress
Jude and Caroline

9) In Bed with the Duke
Michael and Emma

10) Taken by the Prince
Saber and Victoria

10.5) Hero Come Back
Harry and Jessie

11) A Pirate's Wife For Me
Taran and Caitlin


The Switching Places Series (historical)

1) Scandalous Again
Gabriel and Madeline

2) One Kiss From You
Remington and Eleanor


The Princess Series (historical)

1) The Runaway Princess
Danior and Evangeline

2) Someday My Prince
Dominic and Laurentia


The Well Pleasured Series (historical)

1) A Well Pleasured Lady
Sebastian and Mary

2) A Well Favored Gentleman
Ian and Alanna

3) “Under the Kilt” (in the Scottish Brides anthology)
Hadden and Andra


The Knight Series (historical)

1) Once a Knight
David and Alisoun

2) A Knight to Remember
Hugh and Edlyn


Connected Books (historical)

1) Candle in the Window
William and Saura

2) Castles in the Air
Raymond and Juliana


Stand Alones

Girl Anonymous (avaialble 3/11/25)

Every Single Secret

Once Upon a Pillow

Adam and Bronwyn

Treasure of the Sun
Damian and Katherine

Move Heaven and Earth
Rand and Sylvan

Griffith and Marian

Greatest Lover in all England
Anthony and Rosie

“The Lady or the Tiger” (in My Scandalous Bride anthology and originally in the One Night with a Rogue anthology)
Keith and Laura


Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lilies and Lies by Tara Greenbaum: A Must Read

**Note: this review is spoiler-free, so read on without fear**

Jillian Connelly has had it with men who lie to her. The struggling florist has ditched her cheating fiancé and is just hoping to make it through her best friend’s wedding (where said ex is the best man). In a modern twist on the classic Hollywood “meet cute,” Jillian meets Garrett Guinness; charming, unemployed, newly-moved to her hometown. There’s just one problem.

Garrett McGuinness, billionaire hotelier has given up his flashy, New York lifestyle and hopes to have a few days of peace before the opening of his new hotel. When sparks fly between him and Jillian, Garrett doesn’t want to ruin it with his famous name, so he tells a few little lies. The problem is, Garrett has now painted himself into a corner with no way out in sight.

This is the first book I’ve read by Tara Greenbaum and definitely won’t be my last. Lilies and Lies reminds me of the sexy romantic comedies of the ‘50s and ‘60s (think Pillow Talk). You have an intelligent, honest heroine, a seductive hero who (though he lies to the heroine) is a good man at heart. Add a fun, fast-paced plot, endearing supporting characters, and some seriously steamy love scenes, and you have Greenbaum’s novel. Overall I found Lilies and Lies to be charming, witty, sexy, and utterly entertaining.

Reading Lilies and Lies is akin to sipping your favorite fruity cocktail by the poolside: refreshing, sweet, and just a touch naughty. A definite must-read!!!!

Lilies and Lies is published by Resplendence Publishing. To purchase (or for more information), click here.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sabrina Jeffries Book Order

Click here to jump to a particular series:

Designing Debutantes
Duke Dynasty
Sinful Suitors
The Duke's Men
Hellions of Halstead Hall
School for Heiresses
The Royal Brotherhood Series
Swanlea Spinster Series
Lord Trilogy
Stand Alones

Designing Debutantes

1) A Duke for Diana
Geoffrey Brookhouse and Diana Harper
My Review

2) What Happens in the Ballroom
Nathaniel Stanton and Eliza Pierce
My Review


Duke Dynasty

1) Project Duchess
Fletcher “Grey” Pryde and Beatrice Wolfe
My Review

1.5) A Perfect Match (in the Seduction on a Snowy Night anthology)
Heywood Wolfe and Cassandra Isles
My Review

2) The Bachelor
Joshua Wolfe and Gwyn Drake
My Review

3) Who Wants to Marry a Duke
Marlowe "Thorn" Drake and Olivia Norley
My Review

4) Undercover Duke
Sheridan Wolfe and Vanessa Pryde
My Review

4.5) When We Finally Kiss Good Night (in A Yuletide Kiss anthology)
Konrad Junker and Flora Younger
My Review


Sinful Suitors

1) The Art of Sinning
Jeremy Keane and Yvette Barlow

1.5) The Heiress and the Hothead (available as a standalone and in the What Happens Under the Mistletoe anthology)
Stephen Corry and Amanda Keane
My Review of The Heiress and the Hothead
My Review of What Happens Under the Mistletoe

2) The Study of Seduction
Edwin Barlow and Clarissa Lindsey
My Review

3) The Danger of Desire
Warren Corry and Delia Trevor

4) The Pleasure of Passion
Niall Lindsey and Brilliana Trevor
My Review

4.5) A Talent for Temptation
Quinn Raines and Meriel Vyse
My Review

5) The Secrets of Flirting
Gregory Vyse and Monique Servais

5.5) The Risk of Rogues
Hartley Corry and Anne Barkley


The Duke's Men

1) What the Duke Desires
Maximilian Cale and Lisette Bonnaud
My Review

2) Victor Cale and Isabella Cale

2.5) Dorinda and the Doctor
Percy Worth and Dorinda Nunley

3) How the Scoundrel Seduces
Tristan Bonnaud and Zoe Keane
My Review

4) If the Viscount Falls
Dominick Manton and Jane Vernon
My Review


Hellions of Halstead Hall

1) The Truth About Lord Stoneville
Oliver Sharpe, Marquess of Stoneville and Miss Maria Butterfield
My Review

2) A Hellion in Her Bed
Lord Jarret Sharpe and Miss Annabel Lake
My Review

3) How to Woo a Reluctant Lady
Giles Masters and Lady Minerva Sharpe
My Review

4) To Wed a Wild Lord
Lord Gabriel Sharpe and Miss Virginia Waverly
My Review

5) A Lady Never Surrenders
Jackson Pinter and Lady Celia Sharpe
My Review

6) 'Twas the Night After Christmas
Pierce Waverly, Earl of Devonmont and Mrs. Camilla Stuart
My Review


School for Heiresses

1) Never Seduce a Scoundrel
Major Lucas Winter and Lady Amelia Plume

2) Only a Duke Will Do
Simon Tremaine, Duke of Foxmoor and Miss Louisa North
Note: This book is connected to To Pleasure a Prince (Book 2 of The Royal Brotherhood Series)

2.5) "Ten Reasons to Stay" (in The School for Heiresses anthology and available as a standalone ebook on 5/6/13)
Colin Hunt, Earl of Monteith and Miss Eliza Crenshawe
My Review

3) Beware a Scot's Revenge
Sir Lachlan Ross and Lady Venetia Campbell
My Review

4) Let Sleeping Rogues Lie
Anthony Dalton, Viscount Norcourt and Miss Madeline Prescott

4.5) "When Sparks Fly" (in the Snowy Night with a Stranger anthology)
Martin, Lord Thorncliff and Miss Elinor Bancroft
My Review

5) Don't Bargain with the Devil
Diego Montalvo and Miss Lucy Seton
My Review

6) Wed Him Before You Bed Him
Mrs. Charlotte Harris and "Cousin Michael"
My Review


The Royal Brotherhood Series

1) In the Prince's Bed
Alec Black, Earl of Iversley and Miss Katherine Merivale

2) To Pleasure a Prince
Marcus North, Viscount Draker and Lady Regina Tremaine

3) One Night with a Prince
Gavin Byrne and Christabel, Marchioness of Haversham


Swanlea Spinster Series

1) A Dangerous Love
Griffith Knighton and Lady Rosalind Laverick

2) A Notorious Love
Daniel Brennan and Lady Helena Laverick

3) After the Abduction
Sebastian Blakely, Baron Templemore and Lady Juliet Laverick

4) Dance of Seduction
Captain Morgan Pryce and Lady Clara Stanbourne

5) Married to the Viscount
Spencer Law, Viscount Ravenswood and Miss Abigail Mercer


Lord Trilogy

1) The Pirate Lord
Captain Gideon Horn and Miss Sara Willis

2) The Forbidden Lord
Jordan Willis, Earl of Blackmore and Miss Emily Fairchild

3) The Dangerous Lord
Ian Lennard, Viscount St. Clair and Miss Felicity Taylor


Lord Trilogy

1) The Pirate Lord
Captain Gideon Horn and Miss Sara Willis

2) The Forbidden Lord
Jordan Willis, Earl of Blackmore and Miss Emily Fairchild

3) The Dangerous Lord
Ian Lennard, Viscount St. Clair and Miss Felicity Taylor



1) Stormswept
Rhys Vaughan and Juliana St. Albans
My Review

2) Windswept
Evan Newcome and Catrin Price



1) By Love Unveiled
Garett Locke and Marianne Winchilsea

2) Silver Deceptions
Colin Jeffreys and Annabelle Taylor


Stand Alones

"The Widow's Auction" (available as a standalone or in the Fantasy anthology)
Justin Antony and Isobel Lamberton
My Review

"Gone, But Not Forgetting" (in A Day in Mossy Creek anthology)
Bert and Honey Lyman

At Home in Mossy Creek
Dave Brodie and Hannah Longstreet


Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Lisa Kleypas Book Order

Click here to jump to a particular series:

The Wallflowers (Historical)
The Hathaways (Historical)
Cold-Hearted Rake Quartet (Historical)
Bow Street Runners (Historical)
The Gamblers (Historical)
Capitol Theatre (Historical)
Vallerands (Historical)
Stokehurst (Historical)
Berkeley-Faulkner (Historical)
Stand Alones (Historical)
Travis Family (Contemporary)
Friday Harbor (Contemporary)

The Wallflowers

0.5) Again the Magic
John and Aline
Gideon and Olivia

1) Secrets of a Summer Night
Simon and Annabelle

2) It Happened One Autumn
Marcus and Lillian

3) Devil in Winter
Sebastian and Evangeline

4) Scandal in Spring
Matthew and Daisy

5) A Wallflower Christmas
Rafe and Hannah
My Review


The Hathaways

Note: This series stands on its own, but characters from the Wallflower series play strong supporting roles in Mine Till Midnight

1) Mine Till Midnight
Amelia and Cam

2) Seduce Me at Sunrise
Win and Merripen

2.5) A Hathaway Wedding

3) Tempt Me at Twilight
Poppy and Harry
My Review

4) Married by Morning
Leo and Catherine
My Review

5) Love in the Afternoon
Beatrix and Christopher
My Review


Cold-Hearted Rake Quartet

Cold-Hearted Rake (available 10/27/15)
Devon and Kathleen


Bow Street Runners

1) Someone to Watch Over Me
Grant and Vivien

2) Lady Sophia's Lover
Ross and Sophia

3) Worth Any Price
Nick and Charlotte


The Gamblers

1) Then Came You
Alex and Lily

2) Dreaming of You
Derek and Sara

3) "Against the Odds" (in the Where's My Hero? anthology)
Jake and Lydia
Note: Also loosely connected to the Bow Street trilogy


Capitol Theatre

1) Somewhere I'll Find You
Damon and Julia

2) Because You're Mine
Logan and Madeline

3) "I Will" (in the Wish List anthology)
Andrew and Caroline



1) When Strangers Marry
Max and Lysette

2) Only With Your Love
Justin and Celia



1) Midnight Angel
Lucas and Anastasia

2) Prince of Dreams
Nikki and Emma



1) Where Passion Leads
Randall and Rosalie

2) Forever My Love
Alec and Mira


Stand Alones

Love Come to Me
Heath and Lucinda

"Surrender" (in the Gifts of Love anthology)
Jason and Laura

"Promises" (in the Three Weddings and a Kiss anthology)
Eric and Lidian

Suddenly You
Jack and Amanda

Where Dreams Begin
Zachary and Holly

Stranger in My Arms
Hunter and Lara


Travis Family

1) Sugar Daddy
Gage Travis and Liberty Jones

2) Blue-Eyed Devil
Hardy Cates and Haven Travis

3) Smooth Talking Stranger
Jack Travis and Ella Varner

4) Brown-Eyed Girl
Joe Travis and Avery Crosslin
My Review


Friday Harbor

1) Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor
Mark Nolan and Maggie Conroy
My Review

2) Rainshadow Road
Sam Nolan and Lucy Marinn
My Review

3) Dream Lake
Alex Nolan and Zoe Hoffman

4) Crystal Cove
Jason Black and Justine Hoffman
My Review


Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dawn's Awakening by Lora Leigh: My February Must Read

**Note: this review is spoiler-free, so read on without fear**

In the near future, there is a species that lives alongside humans. They were created by evil scientists from a combination of human and animal DNA. They were trained to be weapons. They were tortured, they were raped, and they were stripped of their humanity. And from the horror of those labs came men and women with strength, intelligence, and compassion the world could never have imagined. Scarred to the depths of their souls by the past, but full of hope and determination for a better future, the trials they go through will break your heart while the love they find will bring you joy. They are the Breeds, and they will knock your socks off.

Lora Leigh Dawn’s Awakening is the story of Dawn Daniels and Seth Lawrence. Dawn is a Cougar Breed, one who had been raped and tortured repeatedly as a child. Now she’s stronger, a Breed Enforcer, but still plagued constantly by memories of what had been done to her. For ten years she and Seth have known they were mates, but the nightmare that was her past and misunderstandings on both sides have kept them from one another until the mating heat, the driving biological reaction between mates, has almost completely faded from Seth. But then Seth’s life is at risk, and Dawn will do anything to protect and claim the man that is her mate.

Dawn’s Awakening shows Leigh’s writing at its best. The story is both heartbreaking and achingly romantic. Dawn’s past haunts her, but she has not only survived, she has come through with strength and dignity that is awe-inspiring. With Seth’s love and help, Dawn continues to grow and cope more fully with what was done to her.

Seth has become my absolute favorite of Leigh’s heroes. He’s an alpha to the core, but the tenderness he shows with his mate and the love he has for her makes for some truly beautiful scenes best left for a reader to discover on their own.

There’s also a mystery to be solved regarding the enemy out to destroy Dawn and Seth, secrets that will be revealed, and an enigmatic character who will undoubtedly play a role in future books. Fans of the Breed series will meet some of their favorite characters again, such as Callan Lyons, Dash, Elizabeth, and Cassie Sinclair, Dane Vanderale, and the sexy, calculating Jonas Wyatt (who I am firmly convinced needs to catch a break from someone). There are also new Breeds to meet and ones to get to know better.

Leigh wrote Dawn’s Awakening as a stand-alone book, and first-time readers won’t miss out on any vital information. However, for a richer read, I recommend reading the first four Breed books (Tempting the Beast, The Man Within, Elizabeth’s Wolf, and Kiss of Heat). You will get to know Dawn and Seth from the beginning and read some of the events that are talked about in Dawn’s Awakening. For new readers of the Breed series, the reading order can be found by clicking here. I’m sure after Dawn’s Awakening you will want to rush out and read the rest of these addictive stories.

I highly recommend Dawn’s Awakening. It’s a compelling read that will break your heart and make you sigh over the hero’s romantic actions. Dawn and Seth have been long overdue for their happily ever after, but their story was well worth the wait.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I Need That Hero

What is it, dear readers, that makes a hero stand out for you? Is it sex appeal? A sense of humor? A scarred soul? His tenderness? Dominance? Any or all of the above or something else?

Right now Nalini Singh has a contest going on - The Mine to Possess Hot Men Contest. Her question, and mine, is about heroes. Who’s your favorite and why?

I have so many favorites (Dorian, Zsadist, Jonas….*sigh*), but the one that has to stand above all the rest would be Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Acheron. For nearly six years, I’ve read, loved, and been heartbroken over this hero. Ash is so full of love for people, he does everything in his power to protect the world, and yet others never see it as enough. I suppose it’s because only a handful know what it costs Ash to do what he does; the sacrifices willingly makes time and again for the happiness of others. He is self-sacrifice personified.

From what we have seen so far, Acheron’s past is full of pain with little or nothing to relieve it. He has been betrayed time and again by those he lets into his heart, but even so, he continues believing in others. For someone who almost never cries over a book, it says a lot that I will have tissues on hand for the first half of his book when it comes out this August.

Ash is has the whole package for me. He’s loving, giving, and has so many wounds that I would love to heal. And yes, there is the all-out sexy factor. His physical perfection isn’t what makes me love him above all else, but it’s nothing to dismiss either.

I really don’t have the words to do Acheron justice. He’s one of the many reasons I am simply in awe of Sherrilyn Kenyon. Acheron has been my number one hero since I was 18 years old, and I don’t think anything can ever change that; he has it all.

So now that you all know my favorite hero, who’s yours? Leave a comment and let me know who your favorite(s) are and why :)

And don't forget: Nalini's newest Psy-Changeling book, Mine to Possess, will be in stores February 5th.

If you've never read Nalini's books, (1) check out the reading order for the series and then (2) run as fast as you can to the nearest bookstore!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Angela Knight Book Order

Click on series title to jump to a particular reading order:

Time Hunters
Stand Alones


Note: I've listed the species (for lack of a better term) of the hero and heroine as they are in the beginning of their story. Some change, some don't, and for that you have to read the books :)

0.5) Seduction's Gift (in Hot Blooded anthology)
Lancelot du Lac and Grace Morgan
Magus and Latent

1) Master of the Night
Reece Champion and Erin Grayson
Magus and Latent

1.5) Galahad (in Bite anthology)
Galahad and Caroline Lang
Magus and Maja

2) Master of the Moon
Llyr Galatyn and Diana London
King of the Fairies (Sidhe) and Dire Wolf

3) Master of Wolves
Jim London and Faith Weston
Dire Wolf and Human

4) Master of Swords
Gawain and Lark McGuin
Magus and Maja

4.5) Moondance (in Over the Moon anthology, also released as an ebook)
Lucas Rollings and Elena Livingston
Dire Wolves

5) Master of Dragons
Kel and Nineva Morrow
Dragon and Sidhe

5.5) "Vampire's Ball" (in the Hot for the Holidays anthology)
Ridge Champion and Kat Danilo
Magus and Latent

6) Master of Fire
Logan MacRoy and Giada Shepherd
Latent and Maja

7) Master of Smoke
Smoke and Beth Roman

8) Master of Shadows
Tristan and La Belle Coeur
Magus and Maja

9) Master of Darkness
William Justice and Miranda Drake
Dire Wolf and Dire Wolf/Witch


Time Hunters

Note: This series is a spin-off of Jane's Warlord

1) Warrior
Galar Arvid and Jessica Kelly

2) Guardian
Nick Wyatt and Raine Arvid

3) Enforcer (release date unknown)
Alerio Dyami and Dona Astryr



1) Jane's Warlord (either on its own or in Warlord)
Baran Arvid and Jane Colby

2) Warfem (in Kick @$$ anthology or in Warlord)
Baird Arvid and Alina Kasi

3) The Warlord and the Fem (in Warlord)
Baird and Kyna

4) Baby, You've Changed (in Warlord)
Gage and Tamir



Note: I haven't read any of these yet, so I don't know how connected the books are (if at all)

1) Blood and Kisses (in Secrets Volume 3)
Jim Decker and Beryl St. Cloud

2) A Candidate for the Kiss (in Secrets Volume 6)
Archer and Dana

3) Kissing the Hunter (in Secrets Volume 7)
Logan McLean and Virginia Hart

4) The Forever Kiss
Cade McKinnon and Valerie Chase

5) Soul Kisses (in Secrets Volume 14)
Morgan, Beth Chase, and Garett

6) Blood Service (in All Wrapped Up anthology)
Vigilante and Adiva Mayhew

7) The Vampire's Christmas
David Tate and Amelia Patton



Note: all three stories can be found in the book Mercenaries

1) Mercenaries
Nathan August and Trinity Yeager (third: Sebastian Cole)

2) The Thrall
Sebastian Cole and Zaria

3) Claiming Cassidy
Rune Alrigo and Cassidy Vika


Stand Alones

"Blood and Roses" (in Burning Up anthology)
Raniero and Amaris

Mad Dog Love (in Shifter anthology)
Rance "Mad Dog" Conlan and Zarifa Lorenzo

Dragon Dance (in Beyond the Dark anthology)
Tracker and Arial Dean

Bound by the Dream (in Captive Dreams)
Jarred Varrain and Celeste Carson

Roarke's Prisoner (in Secrets Volume 2)
Roarke and Elise

Hero Sandwich (in Hard Candy anthology)
Cougar, Meg, and Lynx

The Dark One
Kaska of Artane and Matia of Ruza

Stranded (In Other Worlds anthology)
John Hawke and Alex Kenyon

Wake Me (in Secrets Volume 11)
Sir Radolf of Varik and Chloe Hart

Taming Jack (in Ellora's Cavemen: Tales from the Temple II)
Jack Ramsey and Lark Anderson



Passionate Ink: A Guide to Writing Erotic Romance


Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eloisa James Book Order

Click here to jump to a particular series:

Accidental Brides
Would-Be Wallflowers
The Wildes of Lindow Castle
Eloisa's Fairy Tales
Desperate Duchesses
Desperate Duchesses by the Numbers
Essex Sister Quartet
The Duchess Quartet
The Pleasures Trilogy
Written as Mary Bly

Accidental Brides

1. Viscount in Love (available 7/23/24)
Dominic and Torie
My Review



1. Two Dances and a Duke

2. Two Vows and a Viscount

3. Two Masquerades and a Major

2. Two Lies and a Lord (release date TBD)


Would-Be Wallflowers

1. How to Be a Wallflower
Jake and Cleo
My Review

2. The Reluctant Countess
Giles and Yasmin
My Review

3. Not That Duke
Silvester and Stella
My Review


The Wildes of Lindow Castle

0.5 My Last Duchess
Hugo and Ophelia
My Review

1. Wilde in Love
Alaric and Willa

2. Too Wilde to Wed
North and Diana
My Review

3. Born to Be Wilde
Parth and Lavinia
My Review

4. Say No to the Duke
Jeremy and Betsy
My Review

5. Say Yes to the Duke
Devin and Viola

6. Wilde Childe
Thaddeus and Joan


Eloisa's Fairy Tales

1. A Kiss at Midnight
Gabriel and Kate

1.5. Storming the Castle
Jonas and Philippa

2. When Beauty Tamed the Beast
Piers and Linnet
My Review

3. The Duke is Mine
Tarquin and Olivia
My Review

4. The Ugly Duchess
James and Theodora
My Review

4.5. Seduced by a Pirate (sold as a standalone and in As You Wish)
Griffin and Phoebe
My Review

* With This Kiss (sold in three parts as standalones or in As You Wish)
Colin and Grace
Part 1
My Review

Part 2
My Review

Part 3
My Review

5. Once Upon a Tower
Gowan and Edie
My Review


Desperate Duchesses

1. Desperate Duchesses
Damon and Roberta

2. An Affair Before Christmas
Fletch and Poppy

3. Duchess By Night
Jem and Harriet

4. When the Duke Returns 
Simeon and Isidore

5. This Duchess of Mine
Elijah and Jemma
My Review

6. A Duke of Her Own
Note: I've purposefully left of the name of Villiers's heroine
My Review

7. Three Weeks with Lady X
Thorn and India
My Review

8. Four Nights with the Duke
Vander and Mia
My Review

9. Seven Minutes in Heaven
Ward and Regina


Desperate Duchesses by the Numbers

1. Three Weeks with Lady X
Thorn and India
My Review

2. Four Nights with the Duke
Vander and Mia
My Review

3. Seven Minutes in Heaven
Ward and Regina


Essex Sister Quartet

Please Note: The hero and secondary couples' names are purposefully kept off of this list for those who have not read the books (in keeping with the suspense of a few of the novels).

1. Much Ado About You

2. Kiss Me, Annabel

3. The Taming of the Duke

4. Pleasure for Pleasure

*The Essex Sisters Companion Guide


The Duchess Quartet

1. Duchess in Love
Camden and Gina
Tuppy and Carola
Sebastian and Esme

2. Fool for Love
Simon and Henrietta
Sebastian and Esme

3. A Wild Pursuit
Stephen and Beatrix
Sebastian and Esme

4. Your Wicked Ways
Rees and Helene
Tom and Lina


The Pleasures Trilogy

1. Potent Pleasures
Alex and Charlotte

2. Midnight Pleasures
Patrick and Sophie

3. Enchanting Pleasures
Quill and Gabrielle



My American Duchess
Trent and Merry

Paris in Love **non-fiction**



“A Mistletoe Kiss” in the Mistletoe Christmas anthology
My Review

The Lady Most Willing...A Novel in Three Parts
My Review

The Lady Most Likely...A Novel in Three Parts
My Review

"A Proper Englishwoman" in the Talk of the Ton anthology
Gilbert and Emma

"A Fool Again" in The One That Got Away Anthology
Tobais and Genevieve
Please note: this story is loosely connected to Fool for Love


Written as Mary Bly

Lizzie & Dante


Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Candice Hern Book Order

Click here to jump to a particular series:

The Merry Widows
Once Trilogy
Stand Alones
Out of Print Books - Connected
Out of Print Books - Stand Alones

The Merry Widows

1. In the Thrill of the Night
Adam and Marianne

2. Just One of those Flings
Thayne and Beatrice

3. Lady Be Bad
John and Grace

4. "From this Moment On" (It Happened One Night anthology)
Sam and Wilhelmina


Once Trilogy

1. Once a Dreamer
Simon and Eleanor

2. Once a Scoundrel
Anthony and Edwina

3. Once a Gentleman
Nicholas and Prudence


Stand Alones

"Fate Strikes a Bargain (in the It Happened One Season anthology)

"Desperate Measures" (in the Mammoth Book of Regency Romance)

Her Scandalous Affair
Richard and Isabel

The Bride Sale
James and Verity


Out of Print Books - Connected


1. A Garden Folly
Stephen and Catherine

2. The Best Intentions
Miles and Hannah


1. A Proper Companion
Robert and Emily

2. A Change of Heart
Jack and Mary

3. An Affair of Honor
Lord Sedgewick and Meg


Out of Print Books - Stand Alones

Miss Lacy's Last Fling
Max and Rosalind


Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Meljean Brook Book Order

Click on series title to jump to a particular reading order:

The Guardians
The Iron Seas
Stand Alones

The Guardians

1. Falling for Anthony (in Hot Spell anthology)
Anthony and Emily
Guardian and Human

2. Demon Angel
Hugh and Lilith
Guardian and Lilith (who is so cool she defies classification)

3. Paradise (in Wild Thing anthology)
Lucas and Selah
Vampire and Guardian

4. Demon Moon
Colin and Savitri
Vampire and Human

5. Demon Night
Ethan and Charlie
Guardian and Human

6. Thicker than Blood (in First Blood anthology)
Jack and Annie
Human and Vampire
My Review

7. Demon Bound
Jake and Alice
My Review

8. Demon Forged
Alejandro and Irena

9. "Blind Spot" (in the Must Love Hellhounds anthology)
Blake and Maggie

10. Demon Blood
Deacon and Rosalia
Vampire and Guardian

11. Demon Marked
Nicholas and Ash

12. “Ascension” (in the Angels of Darkness anthology)
Marc and Radha

13. Guardian Demon(available 5/7/13)
Michael and Andy


The Iron Seas

0. "The Blushing Bounder" (in the Wild & Steamy anthology)
Mina Wentworth

0.5 "Here There Be Monsters" (in the Burning Up anthology)
Eben "Mad" Machen and Ivy Blacksmith
My Review

1. The Iron Duke
Rhys Trahaearn and Mina Wentworth
My Review

1.5 Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City
Rhys Trahaearn and Mina Wentworth

2. Heart of Steel
Archimedes Fox and Yasmeen

2.5. Tethered (available in the mass market reissue of Heart of Steel, ebook release date unknown)
Archimedes Fox and Yasmeen

3. Riveted
David Kentewess and Annika Fridasdotter
My Review

4. Untitled (available 11/5/13)
Zenobia Fox


Stand Alones

"Rescue Me" (in the Agony/Ecstasy anthology)

In Sheep's Clothing
Note: This story is in the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance or you can read it for free on Meljean Brook's website


Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.


Julia Quinn Book Order

Click here to jump to a particular series:

The Bridgertons
Smythe-Smith Quartet
The Two Dukes of Wyndham
The Bevelstoke Series
Agents of the Crown
The Lyndon Sisters
The Splended Series
Stand Alones

The Bridgertons

1. The Duke & I
Simon Basset and Daphne Bridgerton

2. The Viscount Who Loved Me
Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sheffield

3. An Offer From A Gentleman
Benedict Bridgerton and Sophie Beckett

4. Romancing Mister Bridgerton
Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington

5. To Sir Phillip, With Love
Phillip Crane and Eloise Bridgerton

6. When He Was Wicked
Michael Stirling and Francesca Bridgerton

7. It's In His Kiss
Gareth St. Clair and Hyacinth Bridgerton

8. On the Way to the Wedding
Gregory Bridgerton and Lucinda Abernathy

*The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After
My Review

*The Wit and Wisdom of Bridgerton: Lady Whistledown’s Official Guide (available 11/9/21)
My Review



1. Because of Miss Bridgerton
George Rokesby and Billie Bridgerton
My Review

2. The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband
Edward Rokesby and Cecilia Harcourt
My Review

3. The Other Miss Bridgerton
Andrew Rokesby and Poppy Bridgerton
My Review

4. First Comes Scandal
Nicholas Rokesby and Georgiana Bridgerton


Smythe-Smith Quartet

1. Just Like Heaven
Marcus Holroyd and Honoria Smythe-Smith
My Review

2. A Night Like This
Daniel Smythe-Smith and Anne Shawcross
My Review

3. The Sum of All Kisses
Hugh Prentice and Sarah Pleinsworth
My Review

4. The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy
Richard Kenworthy and Iris Smythe-Smith
My Review


The Two Dukes of Wyndham

1. The Lost Duke of Wyndham
Jack Audley and Grace Eversleigh

2. Mr. Cavendish, I Presume
Thomas Cavendish and Amelia Willoughby


The Bevelstoke Series

1. The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever
Nigel ("Turner") Bevelstoke and Miranda Cheever

2. What Happens in London
Harry Valentine and Olivia Bevelstoke
My Review

3. Ten Things I Love About You
Sebastian Grey and Annabel Winslow
My Review


Agents of the Crown

1. To Catch an Heiress
Blake Ravenscroft and Caroline Trent

2. How to Marry A Marquis
James Sidwell and Elizabeth Hotchkiss


The Lyndon Sisters

1. Everything and the Moon
Robert Kemble and Victoria Lyndon

2. Brighter than the Sun
Charles Wycombe and Eleanor Lyndon


The Splendid Series

1. Splendid
Alexander Ridgely and Emma Dunster

2. Dancing At Midnight
John Blackwood and Arabella Blydon

3. Minx
William Dunford and Henrietta ("Henry") Barrett

4. "A Tale of Two Sisters" (in Where's My Hero? anthology)
Ned Blydon and Charlotte Thornton


Stand Alones

Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron, a Graphic Novel (illustrated by Violet Charles, available 1/11/22)

The Lady Most Willing...A Novel in Three Parts
My Review

The Lady Most Likely...A Novel in Three Parts
My Review

"Thirty-six Valentines" (in The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown anthology)
David Mann-Formsby and Susannah Ballister

"The First Kiss" (in Lady Whistledown Strikes Back anthology)
Peter Thompson and Mathilda Howard

"Gretna Greene" (in Scottish Brides anthology)
Angus Greene and Margaret Pennypacker


Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.


Blog Update

Hello everyone,

Real life has been incredibly busy and I haven't had time to update my blog. Hopefully that will change in the very near future.

At the moment, I have a new project going on here at Wit and Sin. I'm very particular about reading series in order and I often have friends come and ask me for book recommendations and the order of the books. For ease of reference, I have started putting together posts with authors books and their series. The list is by no means complete at the moment, I will be adding authors and editing as I have time (for instance, as of right now the Sherrilyn Kenyon information is only about her Dark Hunter books).

The links are on the right side of this page. On the individual pages you will find different series of the authors listed, the order of the books, the names of each book's hero and heroine, and, if needed, the character's species.

Please note: The information on these lists were put together by me. Always rely on information provided by the author (such as on their website) before information provided by a fan such as myself. That being said, the information I provide is accurate to the best of my knowledge and I will try to update it as needed.

I hope this is useful :)



J.R. Ward/Jessica Bird Book Order

Click here to jump to a particular section:

Written as J.R. Ward:
Black Dagger Brotherhood
Black Dagger Legacy
The Fallen Angels
The Bourbon Kings

Written as Jessica Bird:
An Unforgettable Lady
The Moorehouse Legacy
The O'Banyon Brothers
Stand Alones

Black Dagger Brotherhood:

Genre: Paranormal Romance

1) Dark Lover
Wrath and Beth

2) Lover Eternal
Rhage and Mary

3) Lover Awakened
Zsadist and Bella

4) Lover Revealed
Butch and Marissa

5) Lover Unbound
Vishous and Jane

6) Lover Enshrined
Phury and Cormia

"Father Mine" (in The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide)
A Novella of Zsadist, Bella, and Nalla

* The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide

7) Lover Avenged
Rehvenge and Ehlena

8) Lover Mine
John Matthew and Xhex

9) Lover Unleashed
Payne and Manuel Manello

10) Lover Reborn
Tohrment and No'One

11) Lover At Last
Blaylock and Qhuinn

12) The King
Wrath and Beth

13) The Shadows
Trez and Selena

14) The Beast
Rhage and Mary

15) The Chosen
Xcor and Layla

15.5) Dearest Ivie
Silas and Ivie

16) The Thief
Assail and Sola

17) Prisoner of Night (available 1/7/19)

18) The Savior (est. release April 2019)


Black Dagger Legacy

Genre: Paranormal Romance

1) Blood Kiss
Craeg and Paradise
Butch and Marissa
My Review

2) Blood Vow
Axe and Elise
Rhage and Mary

3) Blood Fury
Peyton and Novo
Saxton and Ruhn


The Fallen Angels

Genre: Paranormal Romance

1) Covet
Vin DiPietro and Marie-Terese

2) Crave
Isaac Rothe and Grier Childe

3) Envy
Thomas "Veck" DelVecchio, Jr. and Sophia Reilly

4) Rapture

5) Possession

6) Immortal



Genre: Contemporary Romance

0.25) The Wedding from Hell: The Rehearsal Dinner
Danny and Anne

0.5) Wedding from Hell: The Reception
Danny and Anne

1) Consumed
Danny and Anne
My Review


The Bourbon Kings

Genre: Contemporary Romance

1) The Bourbon Kings

2) The Angels' Share

3) The Devil's Cut


An Unforgettable Lady

Genre: Contemporary Romance

1) An Unforgettable Lady
John Smith and Grace Hall

2) An Irresistible Bachelor
Jack Walker and Callie Burke


The Moorehouse Legacy

Genre: Contemporary Romance

1) Beauty and the Black Sheep (reissued as The Rebel)
Nate Walker and Frankie Moorehouse
My Review

2) His Comfort and Joy (reissued as The Player)
Grayson Bennett and Joy Moorehouse

3) From the First (reissued by The Renegade)
Alex Moorehouse and Cassandra Cutler

4) A Man in a Million (reissued as The Rogue)
Spike Moriarty and Madeline Maguire


The O'Banyon Brothers

Genre: Contemporary Romance

1) The Billionaire Next Door (reissued as The Billionaire)
Sean O'Banyon and Lizzie Bond


Stand Alones

Leaping Hearts
Devlin McCloud and A. J. Sutherland
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heart of Gold
Nick Farrell and Carter Wessex
Genre: Contemporary Romance


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Sherrilyn Kenyon Book Order

Click on series title to jump to a particular reading order:

Dark Hunter Manga
The Chronicles of Nick
B.A.D. & Sex Camp Diaries
The League
Stand Alones

Note: Sherrilyn Kenyon also writes as Kinley MacGregor and the Kinley MacGregor reading order can be found here.


Note: I'd highly recommend reading this series in order, especially once you get to Seize the Night. The main love stories work on their own, but the world develops so much throughout the books that it isn't the same read out of order.

1. Fantasy Lover (prequel)
Julian and Grace

** The Beginning (short story in the back of Sins of the Night)

** Dragonswan (in the Tapestry anthology, re-published in the In Other Worlds anthology)
Sebastian and Channon

2. Night Pleasures
Kyrian and Amanda

3. Night Embrace
Talon and Sunshine

** Phantom Lover (in Midnight Pleasures anthology)
V’Aiden and Erin

4. Dance with the Devil
Zarek and Astrid

** A Dark Hunter Christmas (short story in the back of Dance with the Devil)

5. Kiss of the Night
Wulf and Cassandra

6. Night Play
Vane and Bride

** Winter Born (in Stroke of Midnight anthology and the Dark Bites anthology)
Dante and Pandora

7. Seize the Night
Valerius and Tabitha

8. Sins of the Night
Alexion and Dangereuse

** Second Chances (short story in the Dark Hunter Companion)

9. Unleash the Night
Wren and Maggie

10. Dark Side of the Moon
Ravyn and Susan

** A Hard Day's Night Searcher (in the My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding anthology)
Rafael and Celena

** Until Death Do We Part (in the Love at First Bite anthology)
Velkan and Retta

** Fear the Darkness (free e-book from St. Martin’s Press, huge spoilers if you haven’t read up through Dark Side of the Moon)

11. The Dream-Hunter
Arik and Geary

12. Devil May Cry
Sin and Katra

13. Upon a Midnight Clear
Aiden and Leda

14. Dream Chaser
Xypher and Simone

15. Acheron

16. One Silent Night
Stryker and Zephyra

** "Shadow of the Moon" (in the Dead After Dark anthology and the Dark Bites anthology)
Fury and Angelia

17. Dream Warrior
Cratus (Jericho) and Delphine

18. Bad Moon Rising
Fang and Aimee

19. No Mercy
Dev and Samia
Were-Hunter and Dark-Hunter

20. Retribution
Sundown and Abigail
My Review

21. The Guardian
Seth and Lydia

22. Time Untime
Ren Waya and Kateri Avani
My Review

23. Styxx
Styxx and Bethany

** Dark Bites
House of the Rising Son (First Time in Print)- Aricles
Fear the Darkness (First Time in Print)- Nick
Winter Born - Dante and Pandora
A Dark-Hunter Christmas- Gallagher
Shadow of the Moon- Fury and Angelia
Until Death We Do Part- Velkan and Retta
Phantom Lover- V’Aiden and Erin
A Hard Day’s Night Searcher- Rafael and Celena
Where Angels Fear to Tread- Zeke
Love Bytes- Adrian and Samantha
Santa Wears Spurs- Michael and Catherine

24. Son of No One
Cadegan and Jo

25. Dragonsbane (available 8/4/15)
Maxis and Seraphina


Dark Hunter Manga

Volume 1 (Kyrian)
Volume 2 (Kyrian)
Volume 3 (Talon)
Volume 4 (Talon)


The Chronicles of Nick

1. Infinity
2. Invincible
3. Infamous
4. Inferno
5. Illusion
6. Instinct
7. Invision (avilable 4/5/16)
8. Intensity (est. release 2017)


Bureau of American Defense (B.A.D.) & Sex Camp Diaries

Note: B.A.D. and Sex Camp Diaries are two different series, but there is overlap.

1. BAD to the Bone (in both the Big Guns Out of Uniform and the Born to Be B.A.D. anthologies)
Kyle and Marianne
B.A.D and Sex Camp Diaries

2. Captivated by You (in both the Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down and the Born to Be B.A.D. anthologies)
Ace and Rhea

3. One BAD Night (in the Born to Be B.A.D. anthology)
Jason and Sam

4. Turn Up the Heat (in the Playing Easy to Get anthology)
Vince and Allison
B.A.D and Sex Camp Diaries

5. Bad Attitude
Steele and Sydney

6. Phantom in the Night
Nathan and Terri

7. Whispered Lies
Carlos and Gabrielle
My Review

8. Silent Truth
Hunter and Abbie
My Review

9. Just Bad Enough (in the Deadly Promises anthology)
Jeremy and CeCe

10. B.A.D. Mission (in the Love Is Murder anthology)


The League

1. Born of the Night
Nykyrian and Kiara

2. Born of Fire
Syn and Shahara

3. Born of Ice (formerly titled Paradise City)
Devyn and Alix

3.5. Fire and Ice (in the Man of My Dreams anthology and re-published in the In Other Worlds anthology)
Adron and Livia

4. Born of Shadows
Caillen and Desideria

5. Born of Silence
Darling and Zarya

6. Cloak & Silence
Ture and Maris

7. Born of Fury
Hauk and Sumi

8. Born of Defiance

9. Born of Betrayal (available 11/3/15)

10. Born of Vengeance (available 5/1/17)


Belador (co-written with Dianna Love)

1. Blood Trinity

2. Alterant
My Review

* Firebound (free short story available here

3. The Curse
My Review

4. Rise of the Gryphon


Stand Alones

Love Bytes (in the Naughty or Nice? anthology)
Adrian and Samantha

Knightly Dreams (in the What Dreams May Come anthology and re-published in the In Other Worlds anthology)
Sparhawk and Erin


Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.