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Review: What Doesn’t Kill Her by Christina Dodd

What Doesn’t Kill Her by Christina Dodd
Series: Cape Charade, Book 2
Publisher: HQN
Genre: Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 9781335005786
Release Date: January 29, 2019
Source: Publisher
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Christina Dodd Reading Order

One secret, one nightmare, one lie. You guess which is which.
1. I have the scar of a gunshot on my forehead.
2. I have willfully misrepresented my identity to the US military.
3. I'm the new mother of a seven-year-old girl.

Kellen Adams suffers from a yearlong gap in her memory. A bullet to the brain will cause that. But she's discovering the truth, and what she learns changes her life, her confidence, her very self. She finds herself in the wilderness, on the run, unprepared, her enemies unknown--and she is carrying a priceless burden she must protect at all costs. The consequences of failure would break her. And Kellen Adams does not break.

What doesn't kill her…had better start running.

Kellen Adams has been a victim, a survivor, and a warrior. She’s prepared for anything…except learning that she’s the mother of a seven-year-old that she never knew existed. Kellen doesn’t know what to do with her daughter, Rae, or with Max, the lover she only has fleeting memories of thanks to the bullet in her head that took her memories and left her in a coma for a year. Kellen is floundering when she takes the opportunity for what should be a simple security job. A few days away from Rae and Max may help to clear her head. But when her mission turns deadly, it’s a race through the wilderness and a fight for survival Kellen can’t afford to lose.

What Doesn’t Kill Her is a tense thriller that had me eagerly turning the pages late into the night. I loved Kellen in Dead Girl Running and I continued to do so as I learned more about her. She is so strong, has been through absolute hell more than once, and she never stops fighting. She has looked death in the face but what scares her most at the start of this is trying to navigate the waters of motherhood. Rae is bright, chatty, endearing, and just a fun kid. She’s adorable and Kellen can see she’s a good kid, but she’s having trouble bonding with her. Her reasons make sense and I actually liked that Kellen didn’t instantly bond with Rae, but rather we got to watch their relationship develop. We also get to see how Kellen’s relationship with Max plays out. Even though he’s caring and patient with Kellen, things can be (understandably) bumpy between Kellen and Max because he’s an incredibly loving, protective father who wants Rae to have the mother she yearns for. The romance between Kellen and Max starts out as a slow burn, but when things pick up speed it’s clear that old feelings never died. I loved watching the romantic and familial relationships develop over the course of the story.

Of course, if Kellen, Max, and Rae want to become one happy family, they all have to survive the events of What Doesn’t Kill Her. It’s difficult for me to talk about the suspense element without giving away spoilers, so forgive me for being overly vague. A race up the mountain is only the beginning of Kellen’s problems in this story. She faces multiple threats and horrible odds, is beaten, bruised, and pushed to her limits, but she never gives up. I hated having to put the book down as the tension mounted and the stakes were raised higher and higher.

What Doesn’t Kill Her is the second full-length book in the Cape Charade series and you should definitely read Dead Girl Running before diving into this book. Like its predecessor, What Doesn’t Kill Her is captivating from beginning to end. Christina Dodd knows how to make readers beg for more and – given the cliffhanger ending in this book – I am definitely on the edge of my seat as I wait to discover what happens next.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Review: Willful Depravity by Ingrid Hahn

Willful Depravity by Ingrid Hahn
Publisher: Entangled: Scorched
Genre: Erotic Historical Romance
ISBN: 9781640637566
Source: Publisher
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Giles Warrington Hale, Marquess of Ashcroft, was born to do two things. Paint and rut. But lately, nobody but Miss Patience Emery has inspired him. The moment he sees her, he knows he must paint her and have her-- anywhere and everywhere.

After a lifetime of trying to appear smaller, Patience no longer cares what anyone thinks. She’s resigned herself to a life having a man in her dreams only. But when the mysterious Lord Ashcroft approaches her with a chance to act on her bold, scandalous, and depraved desires, she suddenly sees her opportunity to indulge in every wicked fantasy she’s ever had…

A lusty artist meets his match in a confident printer’s daughter in Willful Depravity. Ingrid Hahn has delivered an erotic historical romance with a lot of potential and mixed results.

One of my favorite things about this story was Patience’s self-love. She’s spent her whole life hearing that she should lose weight, that she’d be pretty if only she did, but Patience is happy with how she looks and I loved that. Her confidence only grows over the course of the story and the positivity in this book was one of its best features. Giles, the depraved marquess, is immediately captivated by Patience. It’s lust at first sight for both of them and there is plenty of enjoyable, steamy scenes throughout the book. Yet while the attraction between them is undeniable and I had no problem believing they would risk plenty to have a lusty holiday, I had a bit harder time believing in the love story part of it. There isn’t much romantic development in Willful Depravity, which is a pity. The characters tell us they’re in love, but there’s no real indication of why, aside from a physical attraction. The romance element rang false, and perhaps if the characters had been a bit more layered the actual romance would have worked better.

The road to happily ever after is not an easy one for Patience and Giles. The main obstacle is Giles’s father, whose sneering contempt definitely comes alive on the page. But the man is such a black-hatted villain that he fell flat and I didn’t really buy the somewhat clunky resolution to his plotline. There’s a lot of potential to Willful Depravity, but it did fall short on a couple of fronts. That being said, it’s not a bad book and I really liked a lot of the elements. Patience is a likeable, relatable heroine and Giles is a sexy, fun hero. With characters like that, it’s impossible not to like their story, flaws and all.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Review: Playing for Keeps by Jill Shalvis

Playing for Keeps by Jill Shalvis
Series: Heartbreaker Bay, Book 7
Publisher: Avon
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9780062741837
Release Date: January 22, 2019
Source: Author
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Jill Shalvis Reading Order

If you’re planning on falling in love…
When it comes to the confident, charismatic Caleb Parker, Sadie Lane feels the spark—the kind that comes from rubbing each other the wrong way. She’s yoga pants, he’s a suit. She’s a tattoo artist, he’s a straight-laced mogul. But after they accidentally co-rescue an abandoned dog from a storm, Sadie sees a vulnerable side to the seemingly invincible hottie.

you’d better be sure…
Caleb doesn’t do emotions. Growing up the underdog, he’s learned the hard way to build up an impenetrable wall. Perfect for business. Disastrous for relationships. He’s never worried about it before—not until he finally gets behind Sadie’s armor and begins to fall.

…someone is there to catch you.
Both guarded and vulnerable, Sadie and Caleb are complete opposites. Or are they? Shocked at their undeniable connection, can they ever admit to wanting more? That all depends on what they’re each willing to risk.

Sparks fly when opposites attract in Playing for Keeps. Jill Shalvis’s seventh Heartbreaker Bay novel has all the humor, heart, and endearing characters you’d expect to find in her books. And when you add in a scene-stealing rescue dog, it’s easy to see why Sadie and Caleb’s book charmed the heck out of me.

Sadie grabbed my heart from the very first page and didn’t let go. She’s a wonderful tattoo artist, she’s strong, independent, and deeply vulnerable. She has a family that doesn’t understand her, and she has scars both physical and emotional that she keeps hidden. Sadie isn’t a perfect heroine – she’s been hurt badly in the past and it’s hard for her to trust, to risk her heart and open up to someone, and that causes her to make mistakes more than once with Caleb. But Caleb has the patience and heart to get through to Sadie. He’s pretty much the perfect hero; he’s got a huge heart, a brilliant mind, and is loyal and protective to the max without ever being pushy. Basically, Caleb is the ultimate book boyfriend. He and Sadie have been dancing around one another for over a year, but each has been holding back. When they co-rescue a dog and decide to co-parent the utterly adorable Lollipop, the barriers start to come down. I loved seeing Caleb and Sadie’s full characters slowly revealed and I’ll leave it to readers to discover what lies beneath the sass and the suits. Their love story is sensual, emotional, and not always easy, but every bump in the road is worth it in the end.

It wouldn’t be a Heartbreaker Bay story without family and friends playing strong supporting roles and I loved both seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones in this story. The bonds of friendship and family are almost as important to Playing for Keeps as the romance and I just adored the quirky cast of characters. So while I finished Caleb and Sadie’s story a well-satisfied reader, their book definitely left me wanting more Heartbreaker Bay stories (Ivy’s in particular).

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Review: Wrong Bed, Right Roommate by Rebecca Brooks

Wrong Bed, Right Roommate by Rebecca Brooks
Series: Accidental Love, Book 1
Publisher: Entangled: Brazen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9781640636941
Release Date: January 14, 2019
Source: Publisher
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It’s not every day you wake up to a stranger getting into your bed.
Only, he isn’t a stranger at all, he’s my best friend’s hot older brother…and apparently my new roommate.
Having him in my space, driving me crazy, isn’t a problem at all. Nope.
All I need to do is keep control of the situation…

But that’s easier said than done.
Shawn Lassiter is the kind of distraction I don’t need.
First he accidentally gets into my bed, half-naked, the night before my first day at my new job.
Hello, muscles and tattoos!
Then he’s there, in nothing but a towel, making me coffee in the morning.
It’s more than any girl can resist. Right?
But Shawn is off-limits, even if his eyes are saying differently.

Years ago, back when I still had my crush, he destroyed friendships with his reckless playboy antics.
There’s no way I’m touching those perfectly formed abs now. I don't care how nice and responsible he's acting.
I don’t want a boyfriend anyway. That’s what my trusty vibrator is for.
I’m the smart girl—the glasses-wearing, book-reading workaholic. I can totally do this.
After all, it’s only for two and a half months.
I'll be on my best behavior…even if Shawn isn't.

Falling for your best friend’s sibling is one of my favorite romance tropes, which is why I couldn’t resist picking up Wrong Bed, Right Roommate. Rebecca Brooks has kicked off her Accidental Love series with a sexy forbidden romance.

I have the greatest affection for tightly-wound heroines and Jessie definitely fits the bill. She’s driven, obsessively organized, and determined to be successful now that she’s got her chance to get her foot in the door of New York publishing. Jessie does need to learn to loosen up a bit, and that’s where Shawn comes in. Shawn is Jessie’s opposite in most ways and I admit I had a harder time connecting with him. He has been selfish in the past and has treated the women in his life as fairly disposable, but he recognizes his behavior and is determined to turn his life around which I did like. Shawn also has a tendency to be so laid-back that he can be fairly irresponsible, to the point where I had trouble believing the ending of this story. I don’t want to say too much and spoil the book, but while there was some genuine growth in Shawn’s character, at times his progress didn’t feel earned. Perhaps a bit more time spent with him might have made him feel a bit more believable by the end.

Lust and close quarters are the kick Jessie and Shawn need to “break the rules” and fall into bed. Their romance was solid and there was some nice emotional development, but it felt a bit flat to me. There wasn’t anything particularly new or fresh about the romance to make it stand out, nor were the dialogue or the chemistry between the leads exciting enough to make me simply sit back and enjoy watching beloved tropes play out. I’ve adored Ms. Brooks’s books in the past and I know she can pack and emotional punch, but Jessie and Shawn just fell a bit short of the mark. All the elements were there and the story was good, but I did finish Wrong Bed, Right Roommate feeling like I wanted a bit more.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Review: Lipstick Voodoo by Kristi Charish

Lipstick Voodoo by Kristi Charish
Series: Kincaid Strange, Book 2
Publisher: Vintage Canada
Genre: Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 9780345815903
Ebook Source: Publisher
Audiobook Source: Purchased by Reviewer
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Kincaid Strange, not your average voodoo practitioner, is back in the freshly imagined and hugely entertaining second installment of Kristi Charish’s urban fantasy series.

Kincaid Strange cannot catch a break. After dealing with a spate of paranormal murders, there’s barely time to recuperate--let alone sleep in--before there’s a new problem in Kincaid’s world of paranormal activity. When her roommate, Nathan Cade--the ghost of a grunge-rocker with a pathological lack of self-control--comes home bound to a dead body, it’s up to Kincaid to figure out how to free him. Ideally before her new mentor, Gideon, a powerful sorcerer’s ghost, discovers that Nate is trapped in the body he’d coveted for himself.

When Aaron, a Seattle cop on the afterlife beat--and Kincaid’s ex--calls her in to help out with a cold case, she takes the chance to mend fences with the police department. The problem: they want to interview Nate’s ghost, which she can’t produce. Then people from Nate’s past start showing up dead, and what’s killing them doesn't seem to be human. And the way it’s killing them is especially brutal.

Nate’s hiding something, but he’s Kincaid’s friend and she wants to help him. But she also wants to stay alive…

Kincaid Strange, the best voodoo practitioner in the Pacific Northwest, has not been having a good time lately. After solving a series of murders that left her physically and emotionally worn out, all she wants is to get back to doing normal séances and zombie raisings. But before you can say “feral zombie,” Kincaid is up to her ears in problems again. She’s in debt to a sorcerer’s ghost, her roommate and best friend, Nathan Cade – ghost of a grunge rock star – is trapped in a zombie’s body, and now her Seattle cop ex wants Kincaid to look into a murder involving people from Nate’s past. It’s more than your average practitioner could take… But Kincaid Strange is anything but average.

Return to Kristi Charish’s fantastical and fascinating world of zombies, ghosts, and ghouls in Lipstick Voodoo. I loved Kincaid’s first outing - The Voodoo Killings - and couldn’t wait to see what happened next for the kickass voodoo practitioner.

Kincaid continues to be a great protagonist. She’s strong but flawed, smart but doesn’t know everything, and when her back’s against the wall, she’ll continue to fight, especially if someone she cares about is in danger. This time around, her irresponsible but loveable roommate, Nate, has gotten her into hot water. Nate is trapped in a zombie body and the clock is ticking for her to figure out how to get him out before Nate burns out. Nate has a fun personality and it’s easy to see why Kincaid adores him, but that doesn’t mean she’s blind to his flaws. Nate’s impulsive nature has gotten him into deep trouble and he’s got secrets Kincaid will have to suss out when supernatural murders strike and it’s clear there’s a connection to him. I loved watching how Kincaid’s mind worked as she unraveled the rapidly multiplying mysteries.

Lipstick Voodoo also brings the return of other fascinating characters. From the powerful zombie Lee Ling to the surprisingly interesting Mork to Gideon Lawrence, a sometimes-terrifying sorcerer’s ghost, there are a wealth of complex secondary characters that round out this story extremely well. I loved delving deeper into Gideon’s character in particular; he’s powerful, dangerous, intriguing, and I very much want to learn more about him. He and Kincaid have an interesting relationship and his insights into Kincaid’s character add to the story.

Lipstick Voodoo is a twisting blend of paranormal mystery, action, and the emotional struggle of a woman caught between the living and the dead. There’s a lot going on in this book, but Ms. Charish deftly weaves all the threads together to create a wonderful, engaging story. If you haven’t read The Voodoo Killings I highly recommend doing so before diving into this book (unless you don’t mind huge spoilers). I finished Lipstick Voodoo a well-satisfied reader, but I cannot wait to see what Ms. Charish has in store for Kincaid next!

FTC Disclosure: I received the ebook edition of this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review and purchased the audiobook edition. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Best Books of 2018

2019 is here and with it comes a bunch of highly anticipated reads. But before I fully dive into the new year looking for some new favorite books, it’s time to take a look back at the best books of 2018. I read 117 books last year, including a few re-reads that I fell in love with all over again. I tried 26 new (to me) authors and discovered some wonderful authors whose backlists I cannot wait to dive into (Lauren Blakely is now an autobuy author for me). And finally, I participated in my ninth A to Z Reading Challenge, a fun challenge that usually leads me to at least a couple of books I might not have moved to the top of my TBR pile otherwise.

I read a number of excellent books last year, but below are my favorite reads of 2018 – my top ten new reads, two bonus children’s books that I thought deserved their own category, and my favorite re-reads.

Top Ten Books of 2018
Top Children’s Books of 2018
Top Re-Reads of 2018

My Top Ten Books of 2018

Note: My picks weren’t all published in 2018, but all were new-to-me reads for the year.
Also note: The books are alphabetized by author as I love them all equally.

1. Wanderlust by Lauren Blakely
My Review | Purchase Link

2. Smoke and Iron (The Great Library, Book 4) by Rachel Caine
My Review | Purchase Link

3. Heroine’s Journey (Heroine Complex, Book 3) by Sarah Kuhn
My Review | Purchase Link

4. The Chateau (The Original Sinners, Book 9) by Tiffany Reisz
My Review | Purchase Link

5. Misbehaving by Tiffany Reisz
My Mini Review | Purchase Link

6. Picture Perfect Cowboy (The Original Sinners, Book 10) by Tiffany Reisz
My Review | Purchase Link

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, Book 7) by J.K. Rowling
Purchase Link

8. Rainy Day Friends (Wildstone, Book 2) by Jill Shalvis
My Review | Purchase Link

9. Ocean Light (Psy-Changeling Trinity, Book 2) by Nalini Singh
My Review | Purchase Link

10. Royally Wed (The Royals, Book 3) by Teri Wilson
My Review | Purchase Link

Top Children’s Books of 2018

1. A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo by Marlon Bundo and Jill Twiss
My Mini Review | Purchase Link

2. The Joy of Cookies: Cookie Monster's Guide to Life by Sesame Workshop
My Mini Review | Purchase Link

My Top Re-Reads of 2018

1. Aidan & Ethan (Seeking Redemption, Book 1) by Cameron Dane
Purchase Link

2. Purity in Death (In Death, Book 15) by J.D. Robb
Purchase Link

3. Angels Fall by Nora Roberts
Purchase Link

4. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter, Book 2) by J.K. Rowling
Purchase Link

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2019 A to Z Reading Challenge

I've had a blast doing this challenge for the past few years and I can't resist another go 'round. I've discovered a few now-favorite books I might not have otherwise noticed because of this challenge :)

Challenge details:
- Duration: January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019
- Read 26 books which titles begin with the letters of the alphabet.
- You may ignore articles like A, An and The at the beginning of the title.
- For the letter X, any book title with the letter X in it is acceptable if you can't find one that begins with X.
- You can sign up anytime.
- Please only list books you have read. You can read them in any order.
- A book only counts once, so you can include a re-read the first time you read it.

Challenge Completed: August 6, 2019

My List:
All She Wrote by Josh Lanyon – 5/8/19
Baking for Keeps by Jessica Gilmore – 3/4/19
Case of Christmas, A by Josh Lanyon – 1/26/19
Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller – 1/25/19
Earl’s Countess of Convenience, The by Marguerite Kaye – 3/29/19
Families and Other Enemies by Christina Dodd – 1/25/19
Getting Schooled by Emma Chase – 1/13/19
Harry Potter: A History of Magic by Ben Davies – 3/30/19
It’s in His Kiss by Julia Quinn – 2/9/19
Judgment in Death by J.D. Robb – 1/5/19
Kiss Me Maybe by Heather Burch – 7/10/19
Lipstick Voodoo by Kristi Charish – 1/11/19
Moonlight & Whiskey by Tricia Lynne – 2/15/19
No Other Duke But You by Valerie Bowman – 3/17/19
Orlin’s Fall by Amber Kell – 2/9/19
Playing for Keeps by Jill Shalvis – 1/21/19
Quill Me Now by Jordan Castillo Price – 8/6/19
Rose, The by Tiffany Reisz – 4/14/19
Scandalous Diary of Lily Layton, The by Stacy Reid – 2/2/19
Tightrope by Amanda Quick – 4/26/19
Unsung Heroine by Sarah Kuhn – 6/23/19
Very Personal Trainer, A by Justine Elyot – 7/7/19
Wrong Bed, Right Roommate by Rebecca Brooks – 1/13/19
xo, Zach by Kendall Ryan – 4/17/19
Yes! by Kim Dare – 6/5/19
Zall’s Captain by Amber Kell – 2/17/19

2019 New (to me) Author Challenge

I've done this challenge for the past nine years and discovered some great new-to-me authors along the way (not hard to believe since I've read 563 new (to me) authors from 2010 to 2018). A few of my favorite authors that I've "discovered" over the past few years are Jenn Bennett, Lauren Blakely, Kerrigan Byrne, Chanel Cleeton, C.C. Galloway, Larissa Ione, Heather McCollum, Lilah Pace, Stacy Reid, Tiffany Reisz, Cherise Sinclair, Dee Tenorio, and Elia Winters.

The Challenge: Read 20 or more books this year by authors you’ve never read before.
Dates: January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019

My list:

1. Author: Emma Chase
Title: Getting Schooled (Getting Some, Book 1)

2. Author: Ingrid Hahn
Title: Willful Depravity

3. Author: Tricia Levenseller
Title: Daughter of the Pirate King (Daughter of the Pirate King, Book 1)

4. Author: Amber Kell
Title: Chalice (Planetary Submissives, Book 1)

5. Author: Tricia Lynne
Title: Moonlight & Whiskey

6: Author: Marguerite Kaye
Title: The Earl’s Countess of Convenience (Penniless Brides of Convenience, Book 1)

7. Author: Ben Davies
Title: Harry Potter: A History of Magic

8. Author: Kendall Ryan
Title: xo, Zach

9. Author: Casey McQuiston
Title: Red, White & Royal Blue

10. Author: Uzma Jalaluddin
Title: Ayesha at Last

11. Author: Kim Loraine
Title: His Whiskey Sour (The Cocktail Girls)

12. Author: Kerry Winfrey
Title: Waiting for Tom Hanks

13. Author: Michelle McLean
Title: How to Lose a Highlander (The MacGregor Lairds, Book 1)

14. Author: Mia Sheridan
Title: Brant's Return

15. Author: Sylvia Pierce
Title: Falling for the Boss

16. Author: Lili Valente
Title: Falling for the Boss

17. Author: Heather Burch
Title: Kiss Me Maybe

18. Author: Debra Kayn
Title: Archer (Hard Body, Book 1)

19. Author: Liza Palmer
Title: Conversations with the Fat Girl

20. Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Title: Quill Me Now (The ABCs of Spellcraft, Book 1)

21. Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
Title: The Last Wish (The Witcher, Book 0.5)

22. Author: Evie Dunmore
Title: Bringing Down the Duke (A League of Extraordinary Women, Book 1)

23. Author: Bria Quinlan
Title: The Sweetest Things (Starlight Harbor, Book 1)

24. Author: Jen DeLuca
Title: Well Met

25. Author: Annabeth Albert
Title: Arctic Heat (Frozen Hearts, Book 3)

26. Author: Oonagh Duncan
Title: Healthy as F*ck: The Habits You Need to Get Lean, Stay Healthy, and Kick Ass at Life

27. Author: Laurel Greer
Title: Holiday by Candlelight (Sutter Creek, Montana, Book 3)

28. Author: Liza Kindred
Title: Eff This! Meditation:108 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for When You're Stressed Out, Anxious, or Overwhelmed

29. Author: Jana Aston
Title: The Boss Who Stole Christmas (Reindeer Falls, Book 1)

30. Author: Liza Kendall
Title: Walk Me Home (Silverlake Ranch, Book 1)

31. Author: Adriana Herrera
Title: Mangos and Mistletoe

32. Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Title: The Little Prince

Books I've Read in 2019

For the past nine years I've kept track of the books I read. I read so much that everything tends to blend together in my mental library. It's always fun at the end of the year to look back and see what I've read, loved, and want to re-read (and - on the rare occasion - want to avoid). Plus, it's great to share and compare lists with other book bloggers :)

This list is only of books and novellas I've read and finished (though if I read an entire anthology, I list only the anthology title). The books are listed in the order I read them.

There are sure to be many wonderful stories on the list, but the ones with a ** by them are ones I highly recommend.

1. Judgment in Death (In Death, Book 11) by J.D. Robb (re-read) **
2. Lipstick Voodoo (Kincaid Strange, Book 2) by Kristi Charish
3. Getting Schooled (Getting Some, Book 1) by Emma Chase **
4. Wrong Bed, Right Roommate (Accidental Love, Book 1) by Rebecca Brooks
5. Playing for Keeps (Heartbreaker Bay, Book 7) by Jill Shalvis
6. Willful Depravity by Ingrid Hahn
7. Daughter of the Pirate King (Daughter of the Pirate King, Book 1) by Tricia Levenseller
8. Families and Other Enemies (Cape Charade, Book 1.5) by Christina Dodd
9. A Case of Christmas by Josh Lanyon
10. What Doesn’t Kill Her (Cape Charade, Book 2) by Christina Dodd
11. Chalice (Planetary Submissives, Book 1) by Amber Kell
12. The Scandalous Diary of Lily Layton by Stacy Reid **
13. Diamond Fire (Hidden Legacy, Book 3.5) by Ilona Andrews **
14. It’s in His Kiss (Bridgertons, Book 7) by Julia Quinn (re-read) **
15. It’s in His Kiss: The 2nd Epilogue (Bridgertons, Book 7.5) by Julia Quinn (re-read) **
16. Orlin’s Fall (Planetary Submissives, Book 2) by Amber Kell
17. Moonlight & Whiskey by Tricia Lynne
18. Celebrity in Death (In Death, Book 34) by J.D. Robb (re-read) **
19. Zall’s Captain (Planetary Submissives, Book 3) by Amber Kell
20. Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts
21. Baking for Keeps (Big Sky Hathaways, Book 1; Bachelor Bake-Off, Book 4) by Jessica Gilmore (re-read)
22. Connections in Death (In Death, Book 48) by J.D. Robb
23. No Other Duke But You (Playful Brides, Book 11) by Valerie Bowman
24. In a Badger Way (The Honey Badgers, Book 2) by Shelly Laurenston
25. The Earl’s Countess of Convenience (Penniless Brides of Convenience, Book 1) by Marguerite Kaye
26. Harry Potter: A History of Magic by Ben Davies
27. The Wedding Party (The Wedding Date, Book 3) by Jasmine Guillory
28. When We Left Cuba by Chanel Cleeton
29. Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett**
30. The Rose (The Red, Book 2) by Tiffany Reisz
31. xo, Zach by Kendall Ryan
32. The Singular Mr. Sinclair (The House of Lovell, Book 1) by Mia Marlowe (re-read)
33. Tightrope (Burning Cove, Book 3) by Amanda Quick
34. Lord Bredon and the Bachelor’s Bible (The House of Lovell, Book 2) by Mia Marlowe
35. All She Wrote (Holmes & Moriarity, Book 2) by Josh Lanyon
36. Just Say When (Heartbreaker Bay, Book 6.5) by Jill Shalvis
37. The Bride Test (The Kiss Quotient, Book 2) by Helen Hoang
38. Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston **
39. The Boy with the Painful Tattoo (Holmes & Moriarity, Book 3) by Josh Lanyon
40. Just Past Two (Comes in Threes, Book 2) by Elia Winters
41. Love at the Shore by Teri Wilson
42. The Wicked Viscount (The Campbells, Book 3) by Heather McCollum
43. Bridal Boot Camp (Little Bridge Island, Book 0.5) by Meg Cabot
44. Wolf Rain (Psy-Changeling Trinity, Book 3) by Nalini Singh
45. Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin
46. His Whiskey Sour (The Cocktail Girls) by Kim Loraine
47. Yes! by Kim Dare (re-read)
48. The Mad Earl’s Bride (Scoundrels, Book 3.5) by Loretta Chase (re-read)
49. In Other Words… Murder (Holmes & Moriarity, Book 4) by Josh Lanyon
50. When He Was Wicked: The 2nd Epilogue (Bridgertons, Book 6.5) by Julia Quinn (re-read) **
51. The Duke and I: The 2nd Epilogue (Bridgertons, Book 1.5) by Julia Quinn (re-read)
52. Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey
53. How to Lose a Highlander (The MacGregor Lairds, Book 1) by Michelle McLean
54. How to Lose a Fiancé (Greek Billionaires, Book 2) by Stefanie London
55. Brant’s Return by Mia Sheridan
56. The Lemon Sisters (Wildstone, Book 3) by Jill Shalvis
57. How to Ensnare a Highlander (The MacGregor Lairds, Book 2) by Michelle McLean
58. Project Duchess (Duke Dynasty, Book 1) by Sabrina Jeffries
59. Say No to the Duke (The Wildes of Lindow Castle, Book 4) by Eloisa James **
60. Unsung Heroine (Heroine Complex, Book 3.5) by Sarah Kuhn
61. How to Blackmail a Highlander (The MacGregor Lairds, Book 3) by Michelle McLean
62. Falling for the Boss by Sylvia Pierce and Lili Valente
63. A Very Personal Trainer by Justine Elyot (re-read)
64. How to Forgive a Highlander (The MacGregor Lairds, Book 4) by Michelle McLean
65. Kiss Me Maybe by Heather Burch
66. Archer (Hard Body, Book 1) by Debra Kayn
67. The Little Library by Kim Fielding (re-read)
68. Don’t Give Me Butterflies (The Holloway Girls, Book 3) by Tara Sheets
69. The Monuments Men Murders (The Art of Murder, Book 4) by Josh Lanyon
70. Conversations with the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer
71. The Right Swipe (Modern Love, Book 1) by Alisha Rai **
72. Quill Me Now (The ABCs of Spellcraft, Book 1) by Jordan Castillo Price
73. No Judgments (Little Bridge Island, Book 1) by Meg Cabot
74. Under Currents by Nora Roberts
75. The Last Wish (The Witcher, Book 0.5) by Andrzej Sapkowski **
76. Bringing Down the Duke (A League of Extraordinary Women, Book 1) by Evie Dunmore
77. Diamond Fire (Hidden Legacy, Book 3.5) by Ilona Andrews (re-read) **
78. The Sweetest Things (Starlight Harbor, Book 1) by Bria Quinlan
79. Sapphire Flames (Hidden Legacy, Book 4) by Ilona Andrews
80. The Blacksmith Queen (The Scarred Earth Saga, Book 1) by G.A. Aiken
81. The Engagement Gift (The Gift, Book 1) by Lauren Blakely **
82. Well Met by Jen DeLuca
83. How to Love a Duke in Ten Days (Devil You Know, Book 1) by Kerrigan Byrne
84. The Harp of Kings (Warrior Bards, Book 1) by Juliet Marillier **
85. Hidden Truths (Cape Charade, Book 2.5) by Christina Dodd
86. Sword of Destiny (The Witcher, Book 0.75) by Andrzej Sapkowski
87. Strangers She Knows (Cape Charade, Book 3) by Christina Dodd
88. Romancing Mister Bridgerton: The 2nd Epilogue (Bridgertons, Book 4.5) by Julia Quinn (re-read)
89. Walk of Shame (Love Unexpectedly, Book 4) by Lauren Layne
90. Seduction on a Snowy Night by Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries, and Mary Jo Putney
91. Wrapped Up in You (Heartbreaker Bay, Book 8) by Jill Shalvis
92. Arctic Heat (Frozen Hearts, Book 3) by Annabeth Albert
93. Royal Holiday (The Wedding Date, Book 4) by Jasmine Guillory
94. Archangel’s Prophecy (Guild Hunter, Book 11) by Nalini Singh
95. Archangel’s War (Guild Hunter, Book 12) by Nalini Singh
96. Rock Chick (Rock Chick, Book 1) by Kristen Ashley (re-read) **
97. Healthy as F*ck: The Habits You Need to Get Lean, Stay Healthy, and Kick Ass at Life by Oonagh Duncan **
98. Mainly by Moonlight (Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Book 1) by Josh Lanyon
99. Vendetta in Death (In Death, Book 49) by J.D. Robb
100. Holiday by Candlelight (Sutter Creek, Montana, Book 3) by Laurel Greer
101. The Highland Outlaw (The Campbells, Book 4) by Heather McCollum
102. Eff This! Meditation:108 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for When You're Stressed Out, Anxious, or Overwhelmed by Liza Kindred
103. A Mackenzie Clan Christmas (Mackenzies & McBrides, Book 8.5 & Book 11.5) by Jennifer Ashley
104. Single Player (Slices of Pi, Book 3) by Elia Winters (re-read)
105. Healthy as F*ck: The Habits You Need to Get Lean, Stay Healthy, and Kick Ass at Life by Oonagh Duncan (re-read) **
106. The Widow’s Auction by Sabrina Jeffries (re-read) **
107. Three For All (Comes in Threes, Book 3) by Elia Winters **
108. Blood of Elves (The Witcher, Book 1) by Andrzej Sapkowski
109. Wild Man (Dream Man, Book 2) by Kristen Ashley (re-read)
110. A Limited Engagement by Josh Lanyon
111. The Boss Who Stole Christmas (Reindeer Falls, Book 1) by Jana Aston
112. Passion on Park Avenue (Central Park Pact, Book 1) by Lauren Layne
113. I Buried a Witch (Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Book 2) by Josh Lanyon
114. A Madness of Sunshine by Nalini Singh
115. If You Give a Jerk a Gingerbread (Reindeer Falls, Book 2) by Jana Aston
116. It’s Getting Scot in Here (Wild Wicked Highlanders, Book 1) by Suzanne Enoch
117. The Engagement Gift (The Gift, Book 1) by Lauren Blakely (revised edition) **
118. Scot Under the Covers (The Wild Wicked Highlanders, Book 2) by Suzanne Enoch
119. Maybe for You (Whiskey and Weddings, Book 3) by Nicole McLaughlin
120. Walk Me Home (Silverlake Ranch, Book 1) by Liza Kendall
121. Christmas Present by Kim Fielding
122. Death in Kew Gardens (Kat Holloway Mysteries, Book 3) by Jennifer Ashley
123. Halloween is Murder by Josh Lanyon
124. Mangos and Mistletoe by Adriana Herrera
125. My Darling Duke (Sinful Wallflowers, Book 1) by Stacy Reid
126. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
127. Dictatorship of the Dress (Much “I Do” About Nothing, Book 1) by Jessica Topper