Sunday, March 14, 2010

New-To-You Author Challenge 2010

I swiped this from my friend Angela (thanks babe ;)) and decided it would be fun to give this a go.

The Challenge: Read 50 new-to-you authors this year.

I'm listing each new-to-me author in the order I read them, as well as what books of theirs I read.

Since I'm a total book pimp, I'm using asterisks next to the names of the authors I recommend. Here's the key:
*** - I will be racing out to glom up this author's backlist
** - I will be definitely be reading more stories by this author
* - I liked this author well enough that if I come across something else of theirs that sounds interesting I'll definitely pick it up
No asterisks - This author isn't on my "look for" list (which doesn't necessarily mean the book of theirs I read was bad, nor does it mean I automatically wouldn't read another book by that author)

1. Amanda McCabe *
The Winter Queen

2. Dawn Halliday
“Winter Heat” in A Highlander Christmas

3. Sophie Renwick
“Yuletide Enchantment” in A Highlander Christmas

4. Cindy Miles *
“A Christmas Spirit” in A Highlander Christmas

5. Mechele Armstrong **
Another Night, Another Dream

6. Rebecca Royce *
Yes, Captain

7. Vicki Lewis Thompson ***
“No Mistletoe Required” in Better Naughty Than Nice

8. Rhonda Nelson *
“Snug in His Bed” in Better Naughty Than Nice

8. Dee Tenorio ***
Burn for Me

9. Sarah MacLean **
Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake

10. Annie Nicholas

11. Clare Willis
Once Bitten

12. Mychael Black **
The Lost Son

13. Jo Davis *
I Spy a Wicked Sin

14. Mari Carr
Rough Cut

15. Rosalie Stanton *

16. Cindy Lee
Vauxhall Vixen

17. Savannah Stuart
Miami Heat

18. Aurora Rose Lynn
Sexy Lexy

19. Jill Myles
Gentlemen Prefer Succubi

20. Cassandra Gold ***
Quinn’s Hart

21. Christine Michaels
Kat Rides the Iron Men

22. Ava March
From Afar

23. Emily Ryan-Davis
Jesse’s Hands

24. Tara S. Nichols
Gamble’s Game

25. Dakota Rebel *
The Wager

26. Saskia Walker *
Brazen Behaviour

27. Brynn Paulin *
Boy Toys

28. Victoria Blisse *
Spiced Vanilla

29. Titania Ladley
You’ve Got Irish Male

30. Christa Paige **
Irish Kiss

31. Lena Austin
Ugly Duckling

32. Maura Anderson **

33. Lynn LaFleur *

34. Ella Drake *
The Forbidden Chamber

35. Janet Evanovich
Hero at Large

36. Meredith Duran
Wicked Becomes You

37. Xandra Gregory
Jolly Rogered

38. Karen Ranney
Upon a Wicked Time

39. Carly Phillips
Kiss Me If You Can

40. Kaenar Langford *
Indulge Me

41. JoAnn Ross
The Homecoming

42. Danielle D. Smith *
Psyche’s Gate

43. K.C. Sehlhorst ***
Hel Hath No Fury

44. Madeline Hunter
Ravishing in Red

45. Missy Jane
Two-Week Trial

46. Elizabeth Silver *
Winner Take All

47. Jenny Urban *
Winner Take All

48. Debra Mullins *
Tempting a Proper Lady

49. T. A. Chase **
Fighting Dragons

50. Maya Rodale
A Groom of One’s Own

51. Ann Jacobs

52. Shawn Lane
Only For Him

53. Randi Monroe
Turning Point

54. Cherise Sinclair ***
Club Shadowlands

55. Carol Lynne
Hell on Wheels

56. J.P. Bowie
Lunches in Laguna

57. Celeste Bradley **
Devil in My Bed

58. Jude Mason
Lunch is Served

59. Deirdre Martin
Straight Up

60. L.A. Witt *
Nine-tenths of the Law

61. Jenna Byrnes *
Practice Makes Perfect

62. Karen Erickson
Under My Umbrella

63. Susan Grant *

64. Cherry Adair
Black Magic

65. Katharine Ashe
Swept Away by a Kiss

66. Vanessa Kelly *
Sex and the Single Earl

67. Seth Grahame-Smith *
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

68. Sierra Cartwright
“Met Her Match” in Doms of Dark Haven

69. Belinda McBride *
“Educating Evangeline” in Doms of Dark Haven

70. Scarlet Blackwell
Just Desserts

71. Vaughn R. Demont
House of Stone

72. Virginia Kantra **
“Shifting Sea” in Burning Up

73. Mary Balogh
“Almost Persuaded” in Bespelling Jane Austen

74. Colleen Gleason **
“Northanger Castle” in Bespelling Jane Austen

75. Susan Krinard
“Blood and Prejudice” in Bespelling Jane Austen

76. Temple Hogan *
The Virgin Pirate

77. Titiana Caldwell *
Say My Name

78. EM Lynley **
Emerald: Rewriting History

79. Susan Gee Heino
Damsel in Disguise

80. Lorelei James **

81. Catt Ford **
Lily White Rose Red

82. Gina Gordon
Her Five Favorite Words

83. Viola Grace *

84. R. Paul Sardanas *
The Order of the Golden Rose

85. Sindee Lynn *
Prince’s Donor

86. Megan Rose
Happy Birthday to Me

87. Jacqueline Barbary
Perfect Storm

88. Veronica Wilde
It’s a Wonderful Fright

89. Shirley Jump
If the Red Slipper Fits…

90. Karalynn Lee *
Demon’s Fall

91. Brigit Zahara

92. Ann Cory
“Jola” in Daughters of Odin

93. Soshanna Evers
Punishing the Art Thief

94. William Cooper *

95. Connie Brockway *
The Lady Most Likely…

96. Matilda Madison
Forever Again

97. Ashley Ladd
Charity’s Auction

98. Susan Hanniford Crowley
Poseidon’s Catch

99. Eve Langlais
Apocalypse Cowboy

100. Suzanne Brockmann *

101. Harper Fox *

102. Nadia Aidan *
Sex Therapy

103. Shannon Leigh
Nana’s Little Black Book

104. Linda Howard **
Veil of Night

105. Hope Tarr
A Rogue’s Pleasure

106. Rowan McAllister *
A Promise of Tomorrow

107. Anne Rainey *
A Little Bit Naughty

108. N.J. Walters
Lassoing Lara

109. Kim Dare *

110. Nell Dixon
The Cinderella Substitute

111. Deanna Wadsworth
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

112. Tuesday Morrigan
Sun, Surf and Sex on a Beach

113. Rebecca Lynne Fullan **
The Hanukkah Surprise

114. Christie Kelley *
Scandal of the Season

115. Zoƫ Archer **

116. Lissa Matthews *
Arrested Holiday

117. Leigh Ellwood
Truth or Dare