Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kinley MacGregor Book Order

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The MacAllisters/Brotherhood of the Sword
Lords of Avalon
Sea Wolves
Stand Alones

Note: Kinley MacGregor also writes as Sherrilyn Kenyon and the Sherrilyn Kenyon reading order can be found here.

The MacAllisters/Brotherhood of the Sword (the two series intertwine)

1. Master of Desire
Draven and Emily
(Connected to both series)

2. Claiming the Highlander
Braden and Maggie

3. Born in Sin
Sin and Caledonia

4. Taming the Scotsman
Ewan and Nora
(Brotherhood of the Sword characters appear)

5. Midsummer's Knight (in Where's My Hero anthology)
Simon and Kenna
Brotherhood of the Sword
(Simon is a supporting character in Master of Desire and Born in Sin)

6. A Dark Champion
Stryder and Rowena
Brotherhood of the Sword

7. Return of the Warrior
Christian and Adara
Brotherhood of the Sword

8. The Warrior
Lochlan and Catarina
(Brotherhood of the Sword characters are a major part of the story)

9. Daemon's Angel (available 9/1/13)
Daemon and Arina
Brotherhood of the Sword


Lords of Avalon

1. Sword of Darkness
Kerrigan and Seren

2. (in the Elemental anthology)

3. Knight of Darkness
Varian and Merewyn

4. Darkness Within (release date unknown)
Kaziel and Avery


Sea Wolves

1. Master of Seduction
Jack and Lorelei

2. A Pirate of Her Own
Morgan and Serenity


Stand Alones

Santa Wore Spurs (in the All I Want for Christmas anthology)
Michael and Catherine

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