Friday, January 25, 2008

Angela Knight Book Order

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Time Hunters
Stand Alones


Note: I've listed the species (for lack of a better term) of the hero and heroine as they are in the beginning of their story. Some change, some don't, and for that you have to read the books :)

0.5) Seduction's Gift (in Hot Blooded anthology)
Lancelot du Lac and Grace Morgan
Magus and Latent

1) Master of the Night
Reece Champion and Erin Grayson
Magus and Latent

1.5) Galahad (in Bite anthology)
Galahad and Caroline Lang
Magus and Maja

2) Master of the Moon
Llyr Galatyn and Diana London
King of the Fairies (Sidhe) and Dire Wolf

3) Master of Wolves
Jim London and Faith Weston
Dire Wolf and Human

4) Master of Swords
Gawain and Lark McGuin
Magus and Maja

4.5) Moondance (in Over the Moon anthology, also released as an ebook)
Lucas Rollings and Elena Livingston
Dire Wolves

5) Master of Dragons
Kel and Nineva Morrow
Dragon and Sidhe

5.5) "Vampire's Ball" (in the Hot for the Holidays anthology)
Ridge Champion and Kat Danilo
Magus and Latent

6) Master of Fire
Logan MacRoy and Giada Shepherd
Latent and Maja

7) Master of Smoke
Smoke and Beth Roman

8) Master of Shadows
Tristan and La Belle Coeur
Magus and Maja

9) Master of Darkness
William Justice and Miranda Drake
Dire Wolf and Dire Wolf/Witch


Time Hunters

Note: This series is a spin-off of Jane's Warlord

1) Warrior
Galar Arvid and Jessica Kelly

2) Guardian
Nick Wyatt and Raine Arvid

3) Enforcer (release date unknown)
Alerio Dyami and Dona Astryr



1) Jane's Warlord (either on its own or in Warlord)
Baran Arvid and Jane Colby

2) Warfem (in Kick @$$ anthology or in Warlord)
Baird Arvid and Alina Kasi

3) The Warlord and the Fem (in Warlord)
Baird and Kyna

4) Baby, You've Changed (in Warlord)
Gage and Tamir



Note: I haven't read any of these yet, so I don't know how connected the books are (if at all)

1) Blood and Kisses (in Secrets Volume 3)
Jim Decker and Beryl St. Cloud

2) A Candidate for the Kiss (in Secrets Volume 6)
Archer and Dana

3) Kissing the Hunter (in Secrets Volume 7)
Logan McLean and Virginia Hart

4) The Forever Kiss
Cade McKinnon and Valerie Chase

5) Soul Kisses (in Secrets Volume 14)
Morgan, Beth Chase, and Garett

6) Blood Service (in All Wrapped Up anthology)
Vigilante and Adiva Mayhew

7) The Vampire's Christmas
David Tate and Amelia Patton



Note: all three stories can be found in the book Mercenaries

1) Mercenaries
Nathan August and Trinity Yeager (third: Sebastian Cole)

2) The Thrall
Sebastian Cole and Zaria

3) Claiming Cassidy
Rune Alrigo and Cassidy Vika


Stand Alones

"Blood and Roses" (in Burning Up anthology)
Raniero and Amaris

Mad Dog Love (in Shifter anthology)
Rance "Mad Dog" Conlan and Zarifa Lorenzo

Dragon Dance (in Beyond the Dark anthology)
Tracker and Arial Dean

Bound by the Dream (in Captive Dreams)
Jarred Varrain and Celeste Carson

Roarke's Prisoner (in Secrets Volume 2)
Roarke and Elise

Hero Sandwich (in Hard Candy anthology)
Cougar, Meg, and Lynx

The Dark One
Kaska of Artane and Matia of Ruza

Stranded (In Other Worlds anthology)
John Hawke and Alex Kenyon

Wake Me (in Secrets Volume 11)
Sir Radolf of Varik and Chloe Hart

Taming Jack (in Ellora's Cavemen: Tales from the Temple II)
Jack Ramsey and Lark Anderson



Passionate Ink: A Guide to Writing Erotic Romance


Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.