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Lora Leigh Book Order

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The Breeds
Tempting SEALs
Elite Ops
Bound Hearts
The Nauti Boys
Men of August
Men of Summer
The Chronicles of Brydon
The Wizard Twins

The Breeds

The Breeds were originally written out of order chronologically, so that and a change in publishers is why there are chronological discrepancies in Jacob's Faith and Aiden's Charity. The Breed character is listed first.

If you are looking to find information on which characters are related, click here.

1) Tempting the Beast
Callan and Merinus
Lion Breed
Children: David and 1 child (name and gender unknown)

2) The Man Within
Taber and Roni
Panther Breed
Children: 1 son (name unknown)

3) Elizabeth's Wolf
Dash and Elizabeth
Wolf Breed
Children: Cassie (Elizabeth's daughter adopted by Dash) and Kenton

4) Kiss of Heat
Sherra and Kane
Snow Leopard Breed
Children: 1 son (name unknown)

5) Soul Deep
Kiowa and Amanda
Coyote Breed

6) The Breed Next Door (in Hot Spell anthology)
Tarek and Lyra
Lion Breed

7) Megan's Mark
Braden and Megan
Lion Breed

8) Harmony's Way
Harmony and Lance
Lion Breed
Children: 1 son (name unknown)

9) Tanner's Scheme
Tanner and Scheme
Bengal Breed
Children: twins (names and gender(s) unkown)

10) Wolfe's Hope (print version in the Primal Heat anthology)
Wolfe and Hope
Wolf Breed

11) Jacob's Faith
Jacob and Faith
Wolf Breed (both of them)

12) Aiden's Charity
Aiden and Charity
Wolf Breed
Children: 1 son (name unknown)

13) In a Wolf’s Embrace (in Beyond the Dark anthology)
Matthais and Grace
Wolf Breed

14) Dawn's Awakening
Dawn and Seth
Cougar Breed

15) A Jaguar's Kiss (in Shifter anthology)
Saban and Natalie
Black Jaguar Breed

16) Mercury's War
Mercury and Ria
Lion Breed

17) Christmas Heat (The Magical Christmas Cat anthology)
Noble and Haley
Jaguar Breed

18) Coyote's Mate
Del-Rey and Anya
Coyote Breed

19) Bengal's Heart
Cabal and Cassa
Bengal Breed

20) "A Christmas Kiss" (in the Hot for the Holidays anthology)
Hawke and Jessica
Wolf Breed

21) Lion's Heat
Jonas and Rachel
Lion Breed

22) Styx's Storm

23) Navarro's Promise


Tempting SEALs

1) Reno's Chance (in Honk if You Love Real Men antho)
Reno and Raven
Children: 1 son (Morgan)

2) Dangerous Games
Clint and Morganna

3) For Maggie's Sake (in Real Men Do It Better antho)
Joe and Maggie
Children: 1 son (Joe Jr.)

4) Hidden Agendas
Kell and Emily

5) Killer Secrets
Ian and Kira

6) Atlanta Heat (in Rescue Me anthology)
Macey and Emerson


Elite Ops

Note: The Elite Ops books are connected to the SEALs stories. They pick up where the SEALs stories leave off. The Elite Operational Unit is a 5-man group of legally dead former international military men working outside the government on anti-terrorism assignments. There will be 6 books total (the 5 men and their leader, Jordan Malone (from Hidden Agendas)).

1) Wild Card
Noah Blake and Sabella Malone
Former Name: Nathan Malone (from the Tempting SEALs series)
Former Agency: U.S. Navy SEALs

2) Maverick (available 3/3/09)
Micah Sloane and Risa Clay (mentioned in the Tempting SEALs series)
Former Name: David Abijah
Former Agency: Israeli Mossad

3) Heat Seeker (release date unknown)
John Vincent
Former Name: Trent Daylen
Former Agency: Australian Secret Intelligence Service

4) Black Jack

5) "Hannah's Luck" (in the Men of Danger anthology)
Rick Grayson and Hannah Brookes

6) Renegade

7) Live Wire


Bound Hearts

The first seven are print from Ellora's Cave, except for Surrender which is only available in e-book format now. If you have never read these books before, it might be useful for me to note that once a hero claims his heroine, he does not sleep with other women (for example: Jesse is Cole and Tess's third in Surrender, but not as of his book, Seduction).

1) Surrender
Cole and Tess (third: Jesse)

2) Submission
James and Ella (third: Sax)
Children: Tess (Ella's daughter from her marriage to Jason Delacourte)

3) Seduction
Jesse and Terrie (third: Lucian)

4) Wicked Intent
Lucian and Tally (third: Devril – permanent threesome)

5) Sacrifice
Jared and Kimberly (third: Ian)

6) Embraced
Sax and Marey (third: Daniel)

7) Shameless
Ian and Courtney (third: Khalid)

8) Forbidden Pleasure (starts print books)
Mac and Keiley (third: Jethro – permanent threesome)

9) Wicked Pleasure
Cameron and Jaci (third: Chase)

10) Only Pleasure
Chase and Kia (third: Khalid)

11) Guilty Pleasure

12) Title Unknown (release date unknown)


The Nauti Boys

1) Nauti Boy
Rowdy and Kelly

2) Nauti Nights
Dawg and Crista

3) Nauti Dreams
Natches and Chaya

4) Nauti Intentions
Alex and Janey

5) Nauti Deceptions
Zeke and Rogue


Men of August

Note: For those who have never read this series, it might be important to note that the August men do share their women with their brothers in the first three books. There is a reason that I will not go into in order to avoid spoilers. The fourth story is about all three couples and provides further resolution to the Men of August series (which I also will not go into in order to avoid spoilers).

1) Marley's Choice
Cade and Marley
Children: Drace and twins (names and genders unknown)

2) Sarah's Seduction
Brock and Sarah
Children: 1 daughter (name unknown)

3) Heather's Gift
Sam and Heather
Children: 1 child (name and gender unkown)

4) August Heat


Men of Summer

1) Loving Lies
Slade and Jessie


The Chronicles of Brydon

1) Broken Wings
Dearn and Matte

2) Algernon's Curse (release date unknown)


The Wizard Twins

Note: These books contain permanent threesomes (M/F/M)

1) Menage A Magick
Lasan and Brianna and Drago

2) When Wizards Rule
Case and Marina and Kai’el


Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.


Anonymous said...

I like these books, I have a question. Is Ely a breed and has she been mated and Jacque in last book M. War a breed?

Anonymous said...

Good words.

Anonymous said...

Great work, thank you.
Do you plan on writing a profile of the Breeds? Keeping all these breeds straight is not easy.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have used this site to get information on Lora Leigh books. I was very disappointed to see that Jonas will be mated to someone named Rachel. I was hoping he was going to be mated to Ely. I am probably making a big deal about this, but felt let down.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add to my opinion of Jonas's mate. Thanks Kat, you did a great job with the information posts.

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Anonymous said...

I just started reading your books late last year. I could not believe I never knew about you before, your books are awesome and I cant put them down. I cannot find some of the series I had to go on line on order all the prior breed series. I am almost up to date now. Keep writing I am loving it. I have my sisters reading your books also. LOVE YOU:)

Abby484 said...

What about Cassie's story? It's not listed.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I luv your books and just wanted o find out if there's going to be a book about Cassie story, because I would really die for that
Anyone who knows plz e-mail me!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering what book and from what series is in Hot For The Holidays anthology.

Anonymous said...

On LL Printlist page it shows Hot For The Holidays under just the anthology list. With the other anthology storys that are a part of a series will be listed with the series the ones that aren't she puts in the anthology list.

Anonymous said...

I too want to know if anyone has heard about Cassie's story, and also about that "mysterious other presence" in Dawn's Awakening that was fascinated with Cassie.

Also, at the end of August Heat, LL talks about a new series coming out about "The men of madison". Anyone heard anything about that?

Anonymous said...

FYI, Harmony and Lance Jacob's son is Joseph Leopold (nickname "Joey") and is @ 1 yr old as of #21 (Lion's Heart).

Also, though birth yet to occur, Anya is pregnant @ end of #18.


MRS_SAL said...

Creation - Adam and Eve - Lion Breed

He Is Male Therefore - Callan and Merinus - Lion Breed

Sealed with a Wish - Cara and Kheelan - Wolf/Lion Breed

Did you know you were missing these to the Breeds Series?

Anonymous said...

*spoiler alert* Dawn's awakening just kills me everytime I think of what that poor baby went through time and time again,I tear up and crenge. I know it's just a book, but it happens in real life everyday. Is our world much different? It should be required reading for all child sex offenders.
Lora Leigh is my absolute favorite author and this is my favorite site.