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Sherrilyn Kenyon Book Order

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Dark Hunter Manga
The Chronicles of Nick
B.A.D. & Sex Camp Diaries
The League
Stand Alones

Note: Sherrilyn Kenyon also writes as Kinley MacGregor and the Kinley MacGregor reading order can be found here.


Note: I'd highly recommend reading this series in order, especially once you get to Seize the Night. The main love stories work on their own, but the world develops so much throughout the books that it isn't the same read out of order.

1. Fantasy Lover (prequel)
Julian and Grace

** The Beginning (short story in the back of Sins of the Night)

** Dragonswan (in the Tapestry anthology, re-published in the In Other Worlds anthology)
Sebastian and Channon

2. Night Pleasures
Kyrian and Amanda

3. Night Embrace
Talon and Sunshine

** Phantom Lover (in Midnight Pleasures anthology)
V’Aiden and Erin

4. Dance with the Devil
Zarek and Astrid

** A Dark Hunter Christmas (short story in the back of Dance with the Devil)

5. Kiss of the Night
Wulf and Cassandra

6. Night Play
Vane and Bride

** Winter Born (in Stroke of Midnight anthology and the Dark Bites anthology)
Dante and Pandora

7. Seize the Night
Valerius and Tabitha

8. Sins of the Night
Alexion and Dangereuse

** Second Chances (short story in the Dark Hunter Companion)

9. Unleash the Night
Wren and Maggie

10. Dark Side of the Moon
Ravyn and Susan

** A Hard Day's Night Searcher (in the My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding anthology)
Rafael and Celena

** Until Death Do We Part (in the Love at First Bite anthology)
Velkan and Retta

** Fear the Darkness (free e-book from St. Martin’s Press, huge spoilers if you haven’t read up through Dark Side of the Moon)

11. The Dream-Hunter
Arik and Geary

12. Devil May Cry
Sin and Katra

13. Upon a Midnight Clear
Aiden and Leda

14. Dream Chaser
Xypher and Simone

15. Acheron

16. One Silent Night
Stryker and Zephyra

** "Shadow of the Moon" (in the Dead After Dark anthology and the Dark Bites anthology)
Fury and Angelia

17. Dream Warrior
Cratus (Jericho) and Delphine

18. Bad Moon Rising
Fang and Aimee

19. No Mercy
Dev and Samia
Were-Hunter and Dark-Hunter

20. Retribution
Sundown and Abigail
My Review

21. The Guardian
Seth and Lydia

22. Time Untime
Ren Waya and Kateri Avani
My Review

23. Styxx
Styxx and Bethany

** Dark Bites
House of the Rising Son (First Time in Print)- Aricles
Fear the Darkness (First Time in Print)- Nick
Winter Born - Dante and Pandora
A Dark-Hunter Christmas- Gallagher
Shadow of the Moon- Fury and Angelia
Until Death We Do Part- Velkan and Retta
Phantom Lover- V’Aiden and Erin
A Hard Day’s Night Searcher- Rafael and Celena
Where Angels Fear to Tread- Zeke
Love Bytes- Adrian and Samantha
Santa Wears Spurs- Michael and Catherine

24. Son of No One
Cadegan and Jo

25. Dragonsbane (available 8/4/15)
Maxis and Seraphina


Dark Hunter Manga

Volume 1 (Kyrian)
Volume 2 (Kyrian)
Volume 3 (Talon)
Volume 4 (Talon)


The Chronicles of Nick

1. Infinity
2. Invincible
3. Infamous
4. Inferno
5. Illusion
6. Instinct
7. Invision (avilable 4/5/16)
8. Intensity (est. release 2017)


Bureau of American Defense (B.A.D.) & Sex Camp Diaries

Note: B.A.D. and Sex Camp Diaries are two different series, but there is overlap.

1. BAD to the Bone (in both the Big Guns Out of Uniform and the Born to Be B.A.D. anthologies)
Kyle and Marianne
B.A.D and Sex Camp Diaries

2. Captivated by You (in both the Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down and the Born to Be B.A.D. anthologies)
Ace and Rhea

3. One BAD Night (in the Born to Be B.A.D. anthology)
Jason and Sam

4. Turn Up the Heat (in the Playing Easy to Get anthology)
Vince and Allison
B.A.D and Sex Camp Diaries

5. Bad Attitude
Steele and Sydney

6. Phantom in the Night
Nathan and Terri

7. Whispered Lies
Carlos and Gabrielle
My Review

8. Silent Truth
Hunter and Abbie
My Review

9. Just Bad Enough (in the Deadly Promises anthology)
Jeremy and CeCe

10. B.A.D. Mission (in the Love Is Murder anthology)


The League

1. Born of the Night
Nykyrian and Kiara

2. Born of Fire
Syn and Shahara

3. Born of Ice (formerly titled Paradise City)
Devyn and Alix

3.5. Fire and Ice (in the Man of My Dreams anthology and re-published in the In Other Worlds anthology)
Adron and Livia

4. Born of Shadows
Caillen and Desideria

5. Born of Silence
Darling and Zarya

6. Cloak & Silence
Ture and Maris

7. Born of Fury
Hauk and Sumi

8. Born of Defiance

9. Born of Betrayal (available 11/3/15)

10. Born of Vengeance (available 5/1/17)


Belador (co-written with Dianna Love)

1. Blood Trinity

2. Alterant
My Review

* Firebound (free short story available here

3. The Curse
My Review

4. Rise of the Gryphon


Stand Alones

Love Bytes (in the Naughty or Nice? anthology)
Adrian and Samantha

Knightly Dreams (in the What Dreams May Come anthology and re-published in the In Other Worlds anthology)
Sparhawk and Erin


Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.


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Hey Kat! # 23 you have listed as Dream Weaver? I thought it was Dream least when I looked last on Amazon (maybe they have it wrong). Can you let me know what's right?

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What a fantastic idea -- a source for keeping track of the most popular series in one place. Great blog.

Kimberly said...

Angela - you are right.

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Angela said...

This list has been absolutely invaluable to me. I hate to read things out of order, so I check this everytime I finish one of her books, to see which is next...LOL

Thanks Kat!!

Ginger said...

My copies of DWTD and Sins of the Night do not have the short stories you posted. They only have the preview for the next book. Any idea where I can get the short stories?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list Kat!!
Only 9 more til Acheron!

Anonymous said...

Ginger, the short stories are available on the website. Just click the titles and they are in the excerpts.

Anonymous said...

is it possible to read all the short stories without having to buy them? I checked the website mentioned above but the stories are not complete

Unknown said...

Thanks for this - I keep losing the lists I print out and now the official website is so confusing!
You're a star!

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Thank you for putting this proper reading order list together. It's been a great help!!!

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I'm so glad it's been helpful :)

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every year or so, i find myself googling like crazy trying to find this blog post again (whether because of deleted bookmarks or new computers)! lol. it's always helped me in sorting out kenyon's novels... and no other reading order i've found is as perfect & right as this one is!

thanks so much for maintaining this list. ^^

*bookmarks your blog*

Kimberly said...

Thank you so, SO much for the kindness WinterRose :)

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I'll be doing updates this week and possibly combining the Kenyon/MacGregor orders.