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Lisa Kleypas Book Order

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The Wallflowers (Historical)
The Hathaways (Historical)
Cold-Hearted Rake Quartet (Historical)
Bow Street Runners (Historical)
The Gamblers (Historical)
Capitol Theatre (Historical)
Vallerands (Historical)
Stokehurst (Historical)
Berkeley-Faulkner (Historical)
Stand Alones (Historical)
Travis Family (Contemporary)
Friday Harbor (Contemporary)

The Wallflowers

0.5) Again the Magic
John and Aline
Gideon and Olivia

1) Secrets of a Summer Night
Simon and Annabelle

2) It Happened One Autumn
Marcus and Lillian

3) Devil in Winter
Sebastian and Evangeline

4) Scandal in Spring
Matthew and Daisy

5) A Wallflower Christmas
Rafe and Hannah
My Review


The Hathaways

Note: This series stands on its own, but characters from the Wallflower series play strong supporting roles in Mine Till Midnight

1) Mine Till Midnight
Amelia and Cam

2) Seduce Me at Sunrise
Win and Merripen

2.5) A Hathaway Wedding

3) Tempt Me at Twilight
Poppy and Harry
My Review

4) Married by Morning
Leo and Catherine
My Review

5) Love in the Afternoon
Beatrix and Christopher
My Review


Cold-Hearted Rake Quartet

Cold-Hearted Rake (available 10/27/15)
Devon and Kathleen


Bow Street Runners

1) Someone to Watch Over Me
Grant and Vivien

2) Lady Sophia's Lover
Ross and Sophia

3) Worth Any Price
Nick and Charlotte


The Gamblers

1) Then Came You
Alex and Lily

2) Dreaming of You
Derek and Sara

3) "Against the Odds" (in the Where's My Hero? anthology)
Jake and Lydia
Note: Also loosely connected to the Bow Street trilogy


Capitol Theatre

1) Somewhere I'll Find You
Damon and Julia

2) Because You're Mine
Logan and Madeline

3) "I Will" (in the Wish List anthology)
Andrew and Caroline



1) When Strangers Marry
Max and Lysette

2) Only With Your Love
Justin and Celia



1) Midnight Angel
Lucas and Anastasia

2) Prince of Dreams
Nikki and Emma



1) Where Passion Leads
Randall and Rosalie

2) Forever My Love
Alec and Mira


Stand Alones

Love Come to Me
Heath and Lucinda

"Surrender" (in the Gifts of Love anthology)
Jason and Laura

"Promises" (in the Three Weddings and a Kiss anthology)
Eric and Lidian

Suddenly You
Jack and Amanda

Where Dreams Begin
Zachary and Holly

Stranger in My Arms
Hunter and Lara


Travis Family

1) Sugar Daddy
Gage Travis and Liberty Jones

2) Blue-Eyed Devil
Hardy Cates and Haven Travis

3) Smooth Talking Stranger
Jack Travis and Ella Varner

4) Brown-Eyed Girl
Joe Travis and Avery Crosslin
My Review


Friday Harbor

1) Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor
Mark Nolan and Maggie Conroy
My Review

2) Rainshadow Road
Sam Nolan and Lucy Marinn
My Review

3) Dream Lake
Alex Nolan and Zoe Hoffman

4) Crystal Cove
Jason Black and Justine Hoffman
My Review


Please note: This page was written by me, so as always, please visit the author’s website for up-to-date, author-verified information as well as for information books that have not yet been included to this list.


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Who are westcloff's sisters

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Aline and Olivia from Again the Magic :)