Thursday, October 2, 2008

Breed Series Sibling Information

As requested, I’m including a list I compiled of siblings (or in two cases cousins) of the heroes and heroines of Lora Leigh’s Breed series. As I don’t want to add even more information to the current book order, I’m making this its own reference page. The series order with hero, heroine, and Breed type can be found here.

At the moment I am only including sibling information on heroes and heroines. If new information appears in future books, I will hold off on posting it for a few months so as to avoid spoilers.

Please note that I have compiled this information myself. While I believe it to be correct, any mistakes are purely my own and should be checked against the books themselves.

Breed Series Sibling Information:

Callan (Tempting the Beast)
Brothers: Dane (full sibling) and Jonas (half-sibling, same father)
Pride Siblings (not blood related, but like family): Taber (The Man Within), Sherra (Kiss of Heat), Dawn (Dawn's Awakening), Tanner (Tanner's Scheme), Dayan

Merinus (Tempting the Beast)
Brothers: Kane (Kiss of Heat), Caleb, Gray, James, and 3 more (unnamed)

Taber (The Man Within)
Pride Siblings: Callan, Sherra, Dawn, Tanner, and Dyan

Roni (The Man Within)
Half-brother: Seth (Dawn’s Awakening, same father)

Kane (Kiss of Heat)
Sister: Merinus (Tempting the Beast)
Brothers: Caleb, Gray, James, and 3 more (unnamed)

Sherra (Kiss of Heat)
Pride Siblings: Callan, Taber, Dawn, Tanner, and Dyan

Lyra ("The Breed Next Door")
Brothers: 3 (unnamed)

Megan (Megan’s Mark)
Cousin: Lance (Harmony’s Way)

Harmony (Harmony’s Way)
Half-brother: Jonas (same mother)

Lance (Harmony’s Way)
Cousin: Megan (Megan’s Mark)

Tanner (Tanner’s Scheme)
Twin: Cabal
Pride Siblings: Callan, Taber, Dawn, Sherra, and Dyan

Faith (Jacob’s Faith)
Brother: Aiden (Aiden’s Charity)

Aiden (Aiden’s Charity)
Sister: Faith (Jacob’s Faith)

Matthais ("In a Wolf’s Embrace")
Siblings: 3 (gender and names unknown, same mother)

Grace ("In a Wolf’s Embrace")
Brothers: 3 (unnamed)

Dawn (Dawn’s Awakening)
Pride Siblings: Callan, Taber, Tanner, Sherra, and Dyan

Saban ("A Jaguar’s Kiss")
Sister: Chimera

Natalie ("A Jaguar’s Kiss")
Brother: (unnamed)

Jonas (Lion Heat, release date unknown)
Half-brothers: Dane and Callan (Tempting the Beast) (same father)
Half-sister: Harmony (Harmony's Way) (same mother)


Angela said...

Kat. You amaze me with the amount of information that you have in your head - specifically about this series LOL.

I feel like I could ask you anything, and you'd know it!

Cherie said...

Wow. Thanks for the info...I'm currently working on Leigh's series (and absolutely loving it!!!) and am glad I can refer back to here if I get confused :)

Tag You're It!! (See my page for details)

Cherie :)

CarolB1977 said...

Hi Kat!

Thanks so much for compiling the info on Lora Leigh's Breed books!


Anonymous said...

Thakns for the Information , I finish all the Breeds books and can't wait for more.
I do have a question on the Tempting Seals books (Lora Leigh) you have listed that in "Reno's Chance" they have one son, where did you find this out? I have read all the books and can't seems to find it.