Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: What the Mistress Did by Anya Delvay

What the Mistress Did by Anya Delvay
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: GLBT Historical Erotica What the Mistress Did Cover
ISBN: 9781609286811
Blue Ribbon Rating: 4 out of 5
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Lady Marianne Gillingham is both irritated and amused when the virginal Miss Annabelle Fraiser demands that Marianne break off her affair with David, Lord Harrington. Marianne cedes the field but warns the soon-to-be Lady Harrington that her experience in the marriage bed will surely be unsatisfying, for David will never do to her what he has done with Marianne.

It’s not long after Annabelle and David wed that the new Lady Harrington is back – and furious with Marianne for awakening her to the deficiencies in her marriage. She asks Marianne to resume her relationship with David but with a twist; Annabelle will secretly watch and learn what she needs to know to please David. The sensual journey that Marianne and Annabelle soon embark on is nothing like either expects. But soon emotions and passion tangle, and Marianne wonders if it will be possible for any of them to leave this arrangement unscathed.

WHAT THE MISTRESS DID is erotica at its best; sensual, alluring and inventive. Author Anya Delvay takes readers on two journeys; Annabelle’s and Marianne’s. Under Marianne’s hands-on tutelage Anabelle’s sexual awakening carries WHAT THE MISTRESS DID through its darker moments. There’s joy in Annabelle learning what pleases her, and the caring friendship that develops between her and Marianne was wonderful to read. Marianne’s plot – and the overarching plot of the book – is tinged with sadness. She’s in love with David but clearly recognizes that she missed her opportunity to claim the whole of him. What made WHAT THE MISTRESS DID fascinating was watching Marianne essentially grow up over the course of the story.

It’s nearly impossible to write about WHAT THE MISTRESS DID without mentioning the sex scenes. Ms. Delvay writes vast and varied erotic encounters, some between David and Marianne and even more between Annabelle and Marianne. I love that no one holds back in WHAT THE MISTRESS DID.

WHAT THE MISTRESS DID isn’t a “happy” book, but it’s ultimately a satisfying read nonetheless. If you’re in the mood for historical erotica, then WHAT THE MISTRESS DID is for you.

Note: My review was written for Romance Junkies and is cross-posted here with permission from Romance Junkies.