Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review: Touch Me and Tango by Alicia Street and Roy Street

Touch Me and Tango by Alicia Street and Roy Street
Series: Dance 'n' Love, Book 2
Publisher: Alicia Street and Roy Street
Genre: Contemporary Romance  Touch Me and Tango Cover
Blue Ribbon Rating: 3 out of 5
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When her mother breaks her leg and needs help, professional ballroom dancer Tanya Gentilliano packs up her dancing shoes and heads to her hometown, only to find that things are far worse than she could have imagined. Her mother’s on the verge of losing the house and insists that there’s a fortune in diamonds belonging to their family buried on an island close to home. To make matters worse, Tanya’s mother has enlisted the help of Parker Richardson, Tanya’s ex-boyfriend, in the search for the diamonds. It’s been more than a decade since Tanya broke Parker’s heart and left him behind to pursue her dreams, but old wounds — and desire — create sparks whenever Tanya and Parker are around one another. Will Tanya be able to convince Parker to give her a second chance? She may not find out, for the search for the diamonds takes a deadly turn that endangers all that Tanya and Parker hold dear.

I love a good reunion romance, and TOUCH ME AND TANGO is definitely that. Tanya and Parker have true chemistry that brings them together and real problems that have to be dealt with if they want to overcome their shared past. Tanya hurt Parker deeply, but she isn’t a bad person. She’s searching for what she wants out of life and watching her character develop over the course of TOUCH ME AND TANGO was a delight. Whether the scenes take place in the ballroom or in the bedroom, authors Alicia and Roy Street make TOUCH ME AND TANGO sizzle. I particularly enjoyed the scenes involving dance, as Mr. and Ms. Street make the world of ballroom dance come to life fabulously. Unfortunately, what dragged the book down a bit for me was the inclusion of a suspense subplot three-quarters of the way through the story. I won’t spoil the story by providing details, but I will say that this plot thread was hard to believe, unnecessary and took the fast-paced energy of the book down a few notches. Still, I thought TOUCH ME AND TANGO was an enjoyable story overall, and I look forward to reading more DANCE ‘N’ LOVE books.

Note: My review was written for Romance Junkies and is cross-posted here with permission from Romance Junkies.