Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: Quick to the Hunt by Cameron Dane

Quick to the Hunt by Cameron Dane
Series: Hawkins Ranch, Book 7
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Male/Male Erotic Contemporary Romance Quick to the Hunt Cover
ISBN: 9781607379966
Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 out of 5
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Having survived multiple tours of duty in the Middle East, war veteran Hunter Tennison has returned home to Quinten, Montana. Yet Hunter isn’t the same man he once was. Now, when he feels anything too strongly, the churning emotions inside him become so violent that he believes the only way he can center himself is through self-harm. Hunter keeps his distance from anyone he cares about, thinking that doing so will help him get through each day. What he doesn’t count on is Alexander Quick bursting into his life.

Alex is a shark when it comes to business, and he’s just as coolly efficient when it comes to his personal life. That is, until he meets Hunter, who throws him off his stride. The beautiful soldier-turned-cowboy is clearly scarred, both physically and emotionally, but though Hunter throws up “keep away” vibes, Alex wants nothing more than to help him.

The attraction between Hunter and Alex is too powerful for either to deny. But between Hunter’s volatile emotions and a sudden heartbreaking incident in Alex’s life, a relationship between these two men doesn’t seem possible. Then again, love has a strange way of making the impossible possible.

Cameron Dane is an author of many talents, but QUICK TO THE HUNT is undoubtedly her most powerful book to date. Hunter and Alex’s story is a roller coaster of pain, loss, struggle and setbacks, but it’s also a book filled with hope, promise and love. QUICK TO THE HUNT isn’t an “easy” book, but it’s a beautiful one. Ms. Dane does Hunter justice by showing just how hard he struggles to cope with the pain and loss he suffered in combat. To make his recovery simple or quick would be a disservice to the character and unrealistic. I appreciated all that Hunter went through, even in the darkest moments of his story. What’s more, I admired his strength and could not put QUICK TO THE HUNT down because I wanted to see how Hunter’s journey would turn out.

QUICK TO THE HUNT isn’t solely about Hunter’s path to healing. Alex’s life isn’t as easy as it looks on the surface. He’s faced struggles and losses himself, and my heart broke for him almost as much as it did for Hunter. What I loved about Alex isn’t just how he tries his hardest to help Hunter, but how he’s smart enough to realize that Hunter’s problems aren’t something he can step in and fix, no matter how badly he wants to. He and Hunter come to care and understand each other enough to know that their passion for one another might have taken them someplace Hunter wasn’t emotionally ready to go.

Even though it’s a dark story, QUICK TO THE HUNT isn’t all about pain. Love and hope shine through, not simply because of Alex and Hunter’s burgeoning relationship. Hunter’s relationship with his sister, Sarah, and Jace, his best friend and one of Sarah’s partners, are every bit as vital to QUICK TO THE HUNT. The love Sarah and Jace have for Hunter and his love for them just adds more dimension to the story.

Ms. Dane is one of my favorite authors and QUICK TO THE HUNT showcases her powerhouse talent. QUICK TO THE HUNT is the most emotionally engaging book I’ve read this year. I finished it not simply pleased with the ending, but amazed at how incredible Alex and Hunter’s story is. QUICK TO THE HUNT shows that no matter how dark the journey is, hope, love and happiness can be found. Ms. Dane made me cry, smile and read late into the night with QUICK TO THE HUNT, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

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