Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review: Jake by R.C. Ryan

Jake by R.C. Ryan
Series: Wyoming Sky, Book 3
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Contemporary Western Romance Jake Cover
Release Date: February 26, 2013
ISBN: 9781455502448
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Jake Conway is the most eligible bachelor for miles around his small Wyoming town. But even handsome, sought-after veterinarians can be thrown for the loop, and Jake definitely is when he comes face-to-face with Meg Stanford.

As a successful Washington D.C. attorney, Meg knows how to roll with the punches. But even she can see that she’s in over her head when she comes to Wyoming to settle her estranged father’s estate. She has a young half-brother she never knew about, not to mention painful reminders of her past are lurking around every corner. The straw that breaks the camel’s back and sends Meg into Jake’s arms is a midnight break-in. Their desire for one another is impossible for either to deny, but it’s not long before Meg realizes that falling for Jake isn’t the biggest of her problems. The attempted break-in was only the first of many. It seems that someone doesn’t want Meg on her father’s ranch, and if she doesn’t figure out who’s trying to scare her off, things could turn deadly.

There are some books that are so charmingly written they make you feel warm and cozy as you read them. Jake is that kind of book for me. R.C. Ryan hooked me on her Wyoming Sky series with Jake and Meg’s story. I won’t lie — before I even finished Jake I was scouring the bookstores for the first two Wyoming Sky books, Quinn and Josh.

Jake is a sexy cowboy veterinarian whose soft touch with animals and children just made me melt. I know that sentence makes him sound like the stereotype of a perfect hero, but believe me, Jake is anything but a generic character. If he were real, I could imagine almost begrudging Meg capturing his heart, if she weren’t so likeable herself. Jake and Meg are both strong, intelligent protagonists who endeared themselves to me from the very beginning of Jake, drawing me into the story so completely that I did not want to put it down.

R.C. Ryan has a writing style that makes readers feel like they’re actually at the Stanford and Conway ranches. I loved being immersed in Meg and Jake’s world and I almost felt like I was a member of the Conway family. The Conways are a warm, generous group of people that I thoroughly enjoyed reading about. Even though I haven’t read the elder Conway brothers’ stories, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. That being said, Jake did leave me desperately wanting to read Quinn and Josh.

A few mysteries add tension to Jake, making it a well-rounded story. Jake is one of those books that simply made me happy when I read it. I look forward to re-reading Meg and Jake’s book soon.