Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review: Heart of the Demon by Cynthia Garner

Heart of the Demon by Cynthia Garner
Series: Warriors of the Rift, Book 3
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Paranormal Romance Heart of the Demon Cover
ISBN: 9780446585132
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Once a generation, the rift between the paranormal world and Earth opens, allowing preternatural beings to come through. The coming rift, however, brings with it the potential for chaos. A group of human-hating preternaturals is planning an attack and Finn Evnissyen, demon son of Lucifer, has been asked to infiltrate the group. If he succeeds, he not only saves the world but has a way out of doing his dad’s dirty work.

Finn’s not the only one out to stop the rogue prets. Keira O’Brien has been asked by a member of the Council of Preternaturals to infiltrate the group as well. A fey with powerful empathetic abilities, the former con artist hopes that her success in this mission will make up for some of her past sins. Keira knows she has to be prepared for anything, but it comes as a shock for her to see Finn as part of the group. Keira knows Finn is a demon, but she can’t believe he’d be mixed up in something like this. The closer the opening of the rift approaches, the deeper Keira and Finn get involved with the rogue prets…and each other. If she’s to succeed, Keira needs help. But can she trust the demon she’s falling for when he might be the enemy?

Cynthia Garner puts her own unique spin on the supernatural world in her Warriors of the Rift series. Though I haven’t read Ms. Garner’s first two Warriors of the Rift books, I was immediately drawn into the world of the prets in Heart of the Demon. Demons, fey, vampires, and werewolves as immortal, alien supernatural beings? Fascinating. Even an avid romance reader such as myself could have been hooked into Heart of the Demon by Ms. Garner’s preternatural entities alone.

Keira and Finn are two protagonists who are neither wholly good nor wholly bad. I liked that they tended to live life in the grey areas; it made them interesting. Yet while I liked them both very much, it did take a long time for me to become invested in their romance. Having a hero and heroine who are forced lie and hide their true motives from the person they’re falling in love with (no matter how good the reason — and Keira and Finn do have fairly good reasons) for the majority of the book is simply not my cup of tea. It’s a personal preference, so my lack of enthusiasm for the romance aspect of Heart of the Demon should be taken with a grain of salt for readers who aren’t bothered by that particular trope.

The deeper into Heart of the Demon you get, the more exciting the book becomes. Keira and Finn’s journey to stop the rogue pret group is filled with twists and turns, some expected, some not. I finished Heart of the Demon wanting to go back and read the first two Warriors of the Rift books, Kiss of the Vampire and Secret of the Wolf. Since the heroes and heroines of those books play large supporting roles in Keira and Finn’s story and the villain of Heart of the Demon appears in the previous books, perhaps I’ll enjoy Heart of the Demon even more after reading Kiss of the Vampire and Secret of the Wolf. Yet even as a standalone, Heart of the Demon is a strong book and I cannot say how much I enjoyed Ms. Garner’s fresh new take on the paranormal world.