Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: Clever John by Elizabeth Hoyt

Clever John by Elizabeth Hoyt
Series: Part of Scandalous Desires, Book 3
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Fantasy/Fairytale Clever John Cover
Release Date: October 1, 2011
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Anyone who has read Elizabeth Hoyt’s work knows that she includes a fairytale in each of her books. The fairytales are told bit by bit at the beginning of each chapter and they complement or mirror what is going on in the book. Clever John is the fairytale Ms. Hoyt has written for her spectacular third Maiden Lane book, Scandalous Desires.

Even if you’re reading Clever John as a standalone fairytale, it’s a delightful read. Ms. Hoyt makes every word count in her stories, and though short, Clever John is wonderfully satisfying. As with many of Ms. Hoyt’s full-length books, Clever John is a story I’ll be reading over and over again.

The release of Clever John also makes me desperately hope that Ms. Hoyt’s publisher will make her other fairytales available. As much as I enjoy reading them in the books, it would be wonderful to be able to read the fairytales straight through.