Sunday, September 18, 2022

Review: The Duke's Rules of Engagement by Jennifer Haymore

The Duke's Rules of Engagement by Jennifer Haymore
Series: The Lions and the Lilies, Book 1
Publisher: Entangled: Amara
Genre: Historical Romance 
The Dukes Rules of Engagement cover
ISBN: 9781649372918
Release Date: September 27, 2022
Source: Publisher
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Some matches are made in hell…

Joanna Porter loves being one of London’s hottest up-and-coming matchmakers. But her heavenly vocation is about to turn into a nuptial nightmare—thanks to the Duke of Crestmont. He’s as handsome as he is insufferable and obsessed with all things proper. Matching him would cement Jo’s status as England’s greatest matchmaker. Except, of course, the impossible-to-please duke refuses all of her most eligible ladies…confirming his status as a complete and utter pain in her petticoats.

The Duke of Crestmont can’t believe he needs a matchmaker—let alone this spitfire of a woman whose kissable mouth and dancing, impertinent gray eyes tease him ruthlessly. But the people of his estate are counting on him to find a duchess. A proper lady with a flawless pedigree and immaculate deportment. So why can’t he stop himself from wanting his pert, lively matchmaker…instead of the perfect duchess?

Now the entire ton is watching as this determined, audacious matchmaker takes on the most powerful man in London in USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Haymore’s lively new Regency romp. And this show might just be the most outrageous one yet…

Rule number one of being a matchmaker? Never fall for your client.

Of course, rules are made to be broken which is why The Duke’s Rules of Engagement is so entertaining. Jennifer Haymore spins a delightful yarn of a London matchmaker who manages to break through the walls of a duke’s heart.

Joanna Porter loves love, even though she’s never found it for herself. When the Duke of Crestmont comes to her doorstep seeking the perfect duchess, she knows this will be her most challenging client yet. The duke doesn’t want a love match, which goes against everything Jo stands for. To find him the ideal wife, Jo has to first get past the duke’s walls. The only problem with that is she soon finds herself falling for a man who could never wed someone like her.

Jo is an endearing heroine. She’s kind, determined, and just a good person you’d want as a friend. I love that she made a successful matchmaking business in Regency London and that she really worked to find the perfect partner for her clients. Matthew, the impossible-to-please duke in question, has a marshmallow heart behind his stone walls. He was hurt badly in the past and seeks to keep himself from experiencing that kind of pain ever again. He knows he needs to marry and beget an heir, but none of the perfect ladies Jo introduces him can tempt him when the matchmaker herself is so distracting. Matthew is a handsome duke, yes, but he’s also quietly vulnerable and a bit of a geek; I loved how Jo also became fascinated by his interests. The two of them simply fit, if they could ignore class differences long enough to see that they’re perfect for one another.

The Duke’s Rules of Engagement is a wonderfully entertaining historical romance and Haymore makes it easy to be swept up in Jo and Matthew’s love story. It’s not all smooth sailing for these two, but the happily ever after makes it worth it. This is the first book I’ve read by Jennifer Haymore and I look forward to reading more by her, especially if the books involve Matthew’s best friends.

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