Thursday, March 18, 2021

Review: Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs

Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs
Series: Alpha & Omega, Book 6
Publisher: Ace
Genre: Urban Fantasy 
Wild Sign cover
ISBN: 9780440001584
Release Date: March 16, 2021
Source: Publisher
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In the wilds of the Northern California mountains, all the inhabitants of a small town have gone missing. It's as if the people picked up and left their possessions behind. With a mystery on their hands and no jurisdiction on private property, the FBI dumps the whole problem in the lap of the land owner, Aspen Creek, Inc.--aka the business organization of the Marrok's pack.

Somehow, the pack of the Wolf Who Rules is connected to a group of vanished people. Werewolves Charles Cornick and Anna Latham are tasked with investigating, and soon find that a deserted town is the least of the challenges they face.

Death sings in the forest, and when it calls, Charles and Anna must answer. Something has awakened in the heart of the California mountains, something old and dangerous--and it has met werewolves before.

Hidden in the mountains of Northern California lies an insidious evil. And when an entire town goes missing on land in that area that is owned by Charles’s family, the FBI calls on the Marrok’s pack for help. Charles, Anna, and Tag are determined to find out how the small town could simply vanish but when they arrive in Wild Sign they find more than they bargained for. A powerful evil is waiting for them and this time all the skills, power, strength, and magic our beloved werewolves possess may not be enough to defeat it.

Wild Sign is an interesting, eerie blend of supernatural mystery and horror. Anna and Charles have faced many evils before but this one, with the way it burrows into the mind, is something I found particularly creepy. This book is the kind that you cannot talk about the plot much without spoiling the story so forgive me for being vague. When you deal with a force that can mess with your mind, that means our heroes’ investigation is harder than one would expect. I loved watching them put the pieces together and Patricia Briggs definitely had me worried for our beloved protagonists at some points. For the most part the action in this story wasn’t explosive but that didn’t make it any less compelling because the stakes were so high. I stayed up way too late finishing Wild Sign because by the end I couldn’t put it down.

Anna and Charles are at the heart of this story and I always love spending time with them. Their love for each other is so strong and beautifully displayed. I enjoyed seeing more of Charles’s magical abilities in this story but really what keeps me sucked into this series is his and Anna’s relationship. They complement one another perfectly and their dynamic is one that makes me fall into their stories each time. I was also thrilled that Wild Sign delves deeper into the character of Leah, Charles’s stepmother. After Charles and Anna, Leah has always been the most intriguing character to me in the Alpha & Omega series and what we learn about her surpassed all my expectations. Again, I can’t say much without spoiling it but I will say I really hope Briggs continues to dive into Leah’s character and her relationship with Bran because it’s fascinating and I definitely wanted more by the time I was done.

Wild Sign is the sixth book in the Alpha & Omega series and I recommend being familiar with the world before diving into this story. The Alpha & Omega books are set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series with overlapping characters. Having not yet read Mercy’s stories I can safely say you won’t be lost reading this book if you skipped the other series. That being said, the plots of Alpha & Omega are becoming increasingly entwined with those of the Mercy Thompson series so I think before Charles and Anna’s next outing I should catch up. The epilogue felt rushed and unexpected but I believe (though I cannot say for certain) if I had read the Mercy Thompson books I wouldn’t feel that way. Still, even with that I really enjoyed Wild Sign. Any outing with Charles and Anna is time well spent and I loved the eerie mystery that lurked in the woods.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.