Monday, July 27, 2015

Review: Love is Murder anthology

Love is Murder by Roxanne St. Claire, Carla Neggers, Beverly Barton, Robert Browne, Andrea Kane, William Simon, Laura Griffin, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love, Patricia Rosemoor, Jon Land, Jeff Ayers, Heather Graham, Mariah Stewart, D.P. Lyle, Cindy Gerard, J.T. Ellison, Bill Floyd, William Bernhardt, Brenda Novak, Vicki Hinze, Julie Kenner, James Macomber, Alexandra Sokoloff, Pamela Callow, Debra Webb, Toni McGee Causey, Lori Armstrong, Allison Brennan, and Lee Child
Publisher: Mira
Genre: Romantic Suspense Love is Murder Cover
ISBN: 9780778313441
Source: Publisher
Blue Ribbon Rating: 4 out of 5
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DIAMOND DROP by Roxanne St. Claire
A mysterious woman in leather and heels. A diamond drop worth two million dollars. An unknown threat in a European rail station… It’s all in a day’s work for Bullet Catcher Donovan Rush. Donovan’s got an assignment to impress a new Bullet Catcher client and not even a siren in killer platforms can stop him.

DIAMOND DROP kicks off the LOVE IS MURDER anthology with a bang! Author Roxanne St. Claire has written a sexy, stunning story that drew me in from the start. DIAMOND DROP reminds me of the silver screen suspense films in that it’s energetic, edgy and just plain fun. I absolutely loved the vibrancy of DIAMOND DROP — this is a story I won’t forget.

DIAMOND DROP is part of Ms. St. Claire’s BULLET CATCHERS series, but since I haven’t read any BULLET CATCHERS books, I can safely say DIAMOND DROP stands on its own. That being said, I’ll definitely be checking out the BULLET CATCHERS novels now!

B.A.D. MISSION by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Former B.A.D. agent Sam Garrett is being called back into the field, and this time it’s personal. The only woman he’s ever loved is being accused of selling a weapon to terrorists and Sam has to figure out if she’s guilty or is an innocent who’s in over her head.

I absolutely adore Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love’s B.A.D. AGENCY series, so I admit to being biased in favor of B.A.D. MISSION. In Sam and Danielle’s story Ms. Kenyon has penned a fast and furious defeat-the-terrorists plot that’s mixed in with a sensual reunion romance. The sparks that flew between Sam and Danielle were my favorite part of the story, but that doesn’t mean the suspense plot isn’t engaging as well. Fans of the B.A.D. AGENCY series will undoubtedly be pleased with B.A.D. MISSION and readers who haven’t read any of the books will get a glimpse into B.A.D.’s fight against the Fratelli de il Sovrano, a terrorist group that’s the overarching enemy of the series.

Belador warrior Devon Fortier has caught wind of some Noirre majik-wielding mercenary trolls and it’s up to him to bring them in to face justice. There’s just one problem: bounty hunter and thorn in Devon’s side Joleen Mac is after the same target. If he wants to bring down the bad guys — or trolls, as it were — Devon will have to make a bargain with his own personal devil.

Svart trolls and leprechauns and bounty hunters, oh my! Set in the world of Dianna Love and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s BELADOR series, DEADLY FIXATION is an exciting paranormal romantic suspense that will have you avidly turning the pages. The sexual tension between Devon and Jo is to-die-for and I thought the honorable Belador warrior and the kick-ass assassin with a secret were a great match. If you haven’t read the BELADOR series, DEADLY FIXATION provides a small sample of what the world of the books is like. I’m desperately hoping Jo and Devon show up again in the series because Ms. Love left me wanting more of these two!

AFTER HOURS by William Bernhardt
When Major Mike Morelli and his partner, Lieutenant Kate Baxter, are called to a homicide scene, they have no idea that this isn’t a straightforward murder. A beautiful woman’s been killed, and the clues to her killer lie in the fact that neither the victim nor her grieving boyfriend are what they appear to be.

Author William Bernhardt takes readers through a homicide case with plenty of unexpected twists in AFTER HOURS. Mr. Bernhardt’s writing drew me into the story from the start and I found the case itself fascinating. A dash of romance and a message about finding happiness rounds out AFTER HOURS, making it an all-around wonderful read.

LOVE IS MURDER is a fantastic anthology with twenty-nine very different tales of romantic suspense. Editor Sandra Brown outdid herself with this collection. As with any mega anthology, there will be some stories readers like more than others. I highlighted four of my favorites, but there are a few other notable tales I’d feel awful if I didn’t mention. Heather Graham delivers a spine-tingling thriller with GRAVE DANGER. A wedding and a honeymoon take a potentially deadly turn in Andrea Kane’s LOCKDOWN. A dangerous stalker threatens two people who have nowhere to turn in VACATION INTERRUPTED. A rescue mission turns into something more in Laura Griffin’s NIGHT HEAT. Julie Kenner does the unexpected in THE HONEYMOON. And there’s something incredibly haunting about Lee Child’s one paragraph tale, I HEARD A ROMANTIC STORY. All in all, I recommend reading LOVE IS MURDER. With thirty incredibly talented authors delivering twenty-nine unique stories, LOVE IS MURDER is one anthology fans of romantic suspense won’t want to miss.

Note: My review was written for Romance Junkies and is cross-posted here with permission from Romance Junkies.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.