Monday, September 29, 2014

Review: He's So Fine by Jill Shalvis

He’s So Fine by Jill Shalvis
Series: Lucky Harbor, Book 11
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Contemporary Romance Hes So Fine Cover
ISBN: 9781455529490
Release Date: September 30, 2014
Source: Publisher
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For Olivia Bentley, Lucky Harbor is more than the town where she runs her new vintage shop. It’s the place where folks are friendly to strangers-and nobody knows her real name. Olivia does a good job of keeping her past buried, not getting too cozy with anyone . . . until she sees a man drowning. Suddenly she’s rushing into the surf, getting up close and personal with the hottest guy she’s ever laid hands on.

Charter boat captain Cole Donovan has no problem with a gorgeous woman throwing her arms around his neck in an effort to “save” him. In fact, he’d like to spend a lot more time skin-to-skin with Olivia. He’s just not expecting that real trouble is about to come her way. Will it bring her deeper into Cole’s heart, or will it be the end of Olivia’s days in little Lucky Harbor?

There are few things I love more than cracking open a new Lucky Harbor novel. Jill Shalvis always delivers a wonderfully funny, utterly charming romance that just makes you happy you’ve read it. He’s So Fine lives up to the Lucky Harbor promise. It’s fast, fun, and has a whole lot of heart.

I’ll admit up front that I love every one of Ms. Shalvis’s heroes, so it’s no surprise that I adored Cole. He’s sexy, handy with tools, a loyal friend, and a genuinely good man. That being said, he’s not without his flaws. Though he’s got a relaxed attitude most of the time, he can be a bit rigid, and I enjoyed watching him grow as a character. Cole meets his match in every way in Olivia, his best friend’s fiancée’s neighbor who (accidentally) almost drowns him when they first meet. Olivia grabbed my heart from the first. She’s trying to make a life for herself in Lucky Harbor and is doing her best to put her past behind her by keeping it a secret. Olivia has never known true loyalty or real love, which means she screws up sometimes with Cole. But she’s got a wealth of love to give and I teared up a time or two in He’s So Fine when Olivia inched out of her shell and made connections with others. Olivia is a woman who has earned her second chance at happiness, and I wanted her to find it with Cole. The two of them have sensational chemistry in bed and out, and I laughed, sighed, and swooned over their romance.

It wouldn’t be a Lucky Harbor story if I didn’t mention the supporting characters. With each book I look forward to catching up with the residents of Lucky Harbor almost as much as I anticipate loving the main couple’s journey to happily ever after. Fans of the series will surely adore the antics of Lucille, and it was lovely to visit with the twins Pink and Kendra (introduced in Once in a Lifetime) again. Cole’s family – newer additions to the series – delight every time they’re on the page, and I cannot fail to mention Cole’s best friends, Sam and Tanner, and Olivia’s new friends, Becca and Callie. These friendships are integral to He’s So Fine, and they not only provide a lot of the laughs, but are also a portrait of true love and loyalty in their own right.

I did finish He’s So Fine with a few lingering questions (that I can’t address without spoiling things), which kept the story from being a perfect read. Still, as it stands, He’s So Fine is top-notch entertainment. I loved Olivia and Cole and I can’t wait to revisit their romance again and again and again!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.