Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: Texas Hold 'Em by Christie Craig

Texas Hold ’Em by Christie Craig
Series: Hotter In Texas, Book 3
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Contemporary Romance Texas Hold Em Cover
ISBN: 9780446582827
Source: Publisher
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The last thing veterinarian Leah Reece needs is a man in her life. They're nothing but trouble-and not even the fun kind. But when her apartment is broken into and Leah suspects Rafael, her dangerous half-brother, of foul play, she can't deny she could use a little help. She just never expected that help would come with twinkling blue eyes and a sexy smile...

All PI Austin Brook wants is to nail Rafael DeLuna, the man who framed him for murder. He'll do anything for information-even lie about his identity to charm Leah, DeLuna's half-sister. But her sweet dimples and fiery spirit soon make her more than just his only lead. Leah becomes his every desire. As Austin closes in on DeLuna, it's clear he won't go down without a fight. Now the only way Austin can protect Leah is to reveal all of his secrets and risk losing her for good.

The Only in Texas guys are back, with the final sexy PI finding his true love in Texas Hold ’Em. This fun and sassy story features not one, but two lovely romances, a bit of suspense, and a touch of author Christie Craig’s sparkling signature humor.

Austin is a man with a (very justifiable) grudge, but his quest for justice doesn’t dim his charm any. It’s easy to be drawn to Austin. He’s attitude and good looks pull you in, but his abandonment issues will grab your heart and his fear of cats leads to some hilarious moments, thanks to Leah’s four furry terrors and one adorable stray. As for Leah, she’s a hardworking vet who’s been burned by her father, her ex-husband, and her criminal half-brother. Leah’s got a big heart and a winning personality; she’s everything Austin needs even though both are reticent to risk their hearts in a relationship. I liked both Leah and Austin immensely, which made it easy to fall in love with Texas Hold ’Em.

Though Texas Hold ’Em is undeniably a romance, the overarching Hotter In Texas plotline – bringing down the man who landed Austin and his partners in jail – takes over much of the book. I won’t spoil what happens, only that Ms. Craig gives the story a satisfying conclusion. There’s also a secondary romance plotline involving Leah’s friend, Sara, and Roberto, the investigator Austin, Dallas, and Tyler hired to dig up evidence on Leah’s half-brother. The Sara-Roberto love story was every bit as important to Texas Hold ’Em as Leah and Austin’s romance, and I absolutely adored it.

Christie Craig is the author I turn to when I’m looking for engaging, well-crafted romances with plenty of humor. Texas Hold ’Em doesn’t disappoint and I can’t wait to see what Ms. Craig writes next!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.