Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review: Reaver by Larissa Ione

Reaver by Larissa Ione
Series: Demonica, Book 10/Lords of Deliverance, Book 5
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance Reaver Cover
Release Date: December 17, 2013
ISBN: 9781455526970
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Reaver is a battle angel with an attitude and he’s not afraid to break the rules. Harvester is a bad girl Fallen angel who sacrificed everything to work as an undercover agent in Hell. The two get along like fire and ice, but when Harvester’s cover is blown and she’s doomed to an eternity of unimaginable torture, Reaver does what no other angel has dared to do: go deep into the heart of Satan’s fortress and steal the devil’s prize. Little does Reaver know that rescuing Harvester will be the easy part. The two of them will have the fight of their immortal lifetimes on their hands as they try to get out and halt an impending war between Heaven and Hell.

Reaver is everything Larissa Ione fans have been waiting for! Dark, gritty action meets red-hot romance in this love story that has been thousands of years in the making. You’re in for the ride of your life as Ms. Ione takes you through the darkest parts of Hell on a journey filled with an incredible number of surprises.

At the heart of Reaver are, of course, Reaver and Harvester, two characters I’ve loved since Eternal Rider (my first Larissa Ione book). Reaver is an angel with no memory of who he is beyond the past thirty years. He knows he’s the father of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and he’s fairly desperate to learn about who he was before he became Reaver. Harvester is the key to his understanding, so his mission to rescue her isn’t altogether selfless. I won’t reveal the details of what Reaver learns, but suffice it to say that he wasn’t always the angel readers now adore. Some of the shine wore off for me when it came to Reaver, but I actually liked that he’s even more complex than he was to begin with. As for Harvester, she continues to be my favorite Larissa Ione character. She sacrificed everything to protect the children of the angel she loved, and her years as a Fallen angel and spy have irrevocably changed her from the sweet angel she once was. Harvester’s both incredibly strong and deeply vulnerable, good and evil, and overall a fantastic contradiction in so many ways. Quite simply, I love her. Both she and Reaver live their lives in shades of grey and Ms. Ione gives so much depth to their characters that it’s impossible not to be drawn into their story.

The phrase “hot as hell” has never been so apt as it is in Reaver. Reaver and Harvester have off the charts chemistry that will have you turning on the A/C even in the depths of winter. Their joint past as Yenrieth and Verrine is woven into the story and though I’d have liked to see a touch more of who they once were, what’s really important is how they grow over the course of Reaver. Though it’s clear they were made for each other, the road to happily ever after isn’t an easy one. Old wounds and new obstacles threaten to hinder them at every turn, but their willingness to fight for each other and their love made me one happy reader.

As I previously mentioned, there are plot twists aplenty in Reaver. I won’t reveal them, for that would spoil much of the fun for readers. What I will say is that the war between Heaven and Hell is taken to the next level and I was blown away by the revelations of what some will do in an attempt to turn the tide in their favor. I’m pretty sure I yelled at my copy of the book once or twice. I love both the organic nature of the plot twists Ms. Ione delivers and the fact that she was able to surprise me. The only niggle I had about said surprises was that I wished for a bit more development regarding the archangel Raphael’s involvement in the plot.

Reaver is the fifth Lords of Deliverance book and the tenth book in the combined Demonica/Lords of Deliverance series. If you haven’t read any of Ms. Ione’s books before, I recommend at least reading the last two Lords of Deliverance books (Lethal Rider and Rogue Rider) before beginning this story as so much of what happens in those books affects the events in Reaver. Many past heroes and heroines have a role to play in Reaver, which will surely please fans and give them another reason to become emotionally invested to the story. The repercussions of Reaver's events will undoubtedly resonate through the next Demonica book. Whose story will it be? Oh, that I’ll leave you to discover. If the excerpt is anything to go by, then Ms. Ione has a hell of a lot more excitement planned for Demonica fans.

Reaver was my most anticipated book of 2013 and Ms. Ione did not disappoint. Harvester and Reaver’s story was well worth the wait and I hope we see much more of them as the Demonica series continues. As Reaver shows, Larissa Ione is a powerhouse author whose unique stories and characters stay with you long after you finish reading her books.