Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: The Bridesmaid’s Best Man by Susanna Carr

The Bridesmaid’s Best Man by Susanna Carr
Publisher: Harlequin Blaze
Genre: Contemporary Romance The Bridesmaids Best Man Cover
Release Date: September 17, 2013
ISBN: 978-0373797738
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When her best friend gets engaged, Angie Lawson finds herself in wedding hell. Between a diva bride, two backstabbing bridesmaids, a controlling assistant, and more events than you could shake a stick at, Angie’s one step away from stabbing herself with Bridezilla’s stilettos. Just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, Angie’s ex-boyfriend shows up at the bachelorette party…as a stripper.

Breaking up with Angie was the hardest thing Cole Foster has ever done, but he knows she deserves better than him. But when he goes undercover in a strip club for a case, he finds himself in the path — and in the lap — of the woman he can’t stop thinking about. And when someone knocks out the maid of honor, Cole is forced to ask Angie for help with his case. He needs to get close to the bridal party and she’s his only hope of doing so.

Though Angie doesn’t want to get her heart broken again, she can’t say no to Cole. But the longer they’re around one another, the less either is able to deny the sizzling chemistry between them…

It may take a strip club, an insane bridal party, and some smoking-hot sex, but true love gets a second chance in The Bridesmaid’s Best Man. Angie and Cole’s story is fast-paced and fun, thanks to Susanna Carr’s superb storytelling.

Angie is an outstanding heroine. She’s more comfortable in track pants and playing basketball than she is wearing stilettos and hitting the spa. It broke my heart that people constantly wear down her self-esteem by suggesting that she’s unfeminine. Her breakup with Cole is the last straw in this area (she mistakenly believes her dominant attitude in the bedroom drove him away) and one of my favorite things about The Bridesmaid’s Best Man was watching Angie find her confidence again. Cole, in turn, is a former cop with a scarred heart and a sexy swagger. What’s most appealing about him is that he finds Angie hot-as-hell just as she is and he doesn’t try to change her. Though the two of them fit great together, it’s not an easy road to happily ever after. Cole’s childhood has left him feeling unlovable and because of this, he pushes Angie away, even though he cares for her. I do wish Ms. Carr had shown some parts of their first romance in flashbacks, but even with just staying in the present, I really enjoyed watching Angie and Cole find their way back to one another.

Wedding drama and a bit of mystery involving someone trying to bump off bridesmaids adds further spark to The Bridesmaid’s Best Man. Even though I cringed along with Angie in some parts, I liked this plotline just as much as I did the romance. I wouldn’t wish that wedding on anyone, but it sure made for one heck of a story.

The Bridesmaid’s Best Man is a sensual, engaging story with a heroine and hero who are sure to capture your heart. If you like second chance romances, Angie and Cole’s book is for you.