Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: Barefoot in the Sun by Roxanne St. Claire

Barefoot in the Sun by Roxanne St. Claire
Series: Barefoot Bay, Book 3
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Contemporary Romance Barefoot in the Sun Cover
ISBN: 9781455508259
Release Date: April 30, 2013
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Zoe Tamarin has been on the run since childhood and she’s never regretted it…except once. Now temporarily living in Barefoot Bay near her three best friends, Zoe is faced with a frightening development: her Aunt Pasha, the woman who saved her all those years ago, has cancer. Pasha can’t get treatment, lest she find herself in jail, which leaves Zoe with only one person to turn to. Nine years ago she broke Dr. Oliver Bradbury’s heart but now she needs to face the renowned oncologist again if she hopes to give Pasha a chance at surviving. Even if she can convince Oliver to help her aunt, Zoe is worried that she won’t be able to resist Oliver. He’s the only man she’s ever loved, the only man who has made her want to stay in one place. Will Zoe be able to make a life for herself in Barefoot Bay, or will the temptation to run be impossible to resist?

True love gets a second chance in Barefoot in the Sun. Zoe and Oliver make a great pair, but secrets, misunderstandings, and ingrained behavioral patterns threaten to keep them apart. I liked both Oliver and Zoe, but I had a bit of trouble connecting with them, Zoe in particular. Roxanne St. Claire did a great job of making me understand Zoe’s character and why she kept pushing Oliver away, but even with said understanding I grew a bit frustrated with her. When a cold case involving Pasha was added in, the amount of drama in Barefoot in the Sun slowed the momentum of the story and detracted from the main characters and the romance.

The shining stars of the story were, for me, Oliver’s son, Evan, and Zoe’s best friends. Evan’s a bright, endearing child who won me over from the first and I longed to see him get the love and attention he deserved. As for Zoe’s friends, Lacey and Jocelyn are previous Barefoot Bay heroines whom readers of the series will undoubtedly be thrilled to revisit. The love Lacey, Jocelyn, and Tess have for each other and Zoe made the quartet’s scenes in Barefoot in the Sun warm and inviting. While I haven’t read the first two Barefoot Bay stories, after meeting Lacey and Jocelyn I’m interested in reading Barefoot in the Sand and Barefoot in the Rain. And after finishing Barefoot in the Sun, I’m definitely eager to get my hands on the final Barefoot Bay book, Barefoot by the Sea. I can’t wait to see what Ms. St. Claire has in store for Tess!