Friday, January 11, 2013

Review: The Impetuous Amazon by Sandy James

The Impetuous Amazon by Sandy James
Series: Alliance of the Amazons, Book 2
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance The Impetuous Amazon Cover
ISBN: 9781426894916
Release Date: January 14, 2013
Buy it here: Carina Press
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Like most Fire Amazons, Megan Feurer is passionate, unpredictable, and bold. Unlike her best friend and “sister,” Earth Amazon Rebecca, Megan took to her role as a warrior with ease. But while Megan excels at protecting humanity from supernatural evil, she isn’t as in control as her powers as she needs to be. If Megan hopes to keep her position as the Fire Amazon, she’ll need help. Unfortunately for Megan, that help comes in the form of her Sentinel, the one man who makes her feel perilously close to losing control.

In exchange for her saving his sister’s life, Johann Herrmann swore his allegiance to the goddess Rhiannon. He’s now a Sentinel, the man who’s supposed to train each generation of Amazons. But of his four charges, Johann has the most trouble with Megan. When she’s not pushing all his buttons, she’s making him wild for her. Johann knows a Sentinel isn’t supposed to get involved with an Amazon, and that goes double for Megan. After all, he’s the one who has to decide whether or not she can keep her powers. But the pull toward Megan is just too strong for Johann to resist, and it’s not long before the sexual tension between them boils over.

Johann and Megan’s newfound romance threatens to come crashing to a halt when secrets on both sides are revealed. Does Johann have a chance at winning back the heart of his Fire Amazon? If a new enemy has his way, neither he nor the Amazons will live long enough to find out.

Return to the world of the Amazons with the red-hot The Impetuous Amazon. Author Sandy James ups the stakes for her Amazons in the second Alliance of the Amazons book, and takes readers on a thrilling journey of danger and romance.

Megan is as impetuous as the title of the book suggests, but she’s also got a huge heart and an intense vulnerability. Megan’s an appealing heroine and she grows even more endearing as The Impetuous Amazon goes on. Because I adored her, I wanted to see her with a hero who was a match for her in every respect. Johann is that hero. The two of them strike sparks off one another — literally at times — and though the road to happily ever after isn’t an easy one, Ms. James had me rooting for the two of them to make things work. My biggest complaint about the first Alliance of the Amazons book was that I wasn’t invested Rebecca and Artair’s romance. That definitely wasn’t the case in The Impetuous Amazon — Johann and Megan’s love story had me hooked from the beginning.

The Impetuous Amazon is the second Alliance of the Amazons story, but though Ms. James provides enough information to readers new to the series to follow along, I highly recommend reading The Reluctant Amazon first. Ms. James sets up the world of the Amazons beautifully in The Reluctant Amazon and continues to build on that foundation in The Impetuous Amazon. I will say that I thought the world building wasn’t quite as solid in Megan’s book as it was in Rebecca’s. Though some of the new supernatural additions to the series were top notch, other aspects of the world building felt inorganic, which was a pity. The twists and turns in the storyline were a bit uneven as well. Though I won’t spoil the story, I have to say that some surprises Ms. James delivers were fantastic and others were slightly frustrating because readers will be able to see them coming long before the protagonists figure them out. However, even with these niggles I still thoroughly enjoyed The Impetuous Amazon and I’m looking forward to seeing what Megan, Rebecca, Gina, Sarita, and their loved ones will face next.

The Impetuous Amazon is sexy, engaging, and interesting — three things I look for in a romance. I adored Megan and Johann’s story and I’m practically on tenterhooks for the next two Alliance of the Amazons books. Bring on The Brazen Amazon!