Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review: Make Me, Sir by Cherise Sinclair

Make Me, Sir by Cherise Sinclair
Series: Masters of the Shadowlands, Book 5
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Erotic BDSM Suspense Romance Make Me, Sir Cover
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Throughout the country, bratty, rebellious submissives are being kidnapped from BDSM clubs. The FBI is working to locate the source of the human trafficking ring, and part of their plan involves putting undercover agents in BDSM clubs to pose as decoys. Gabrielle Renard works for the FBI, but she’s a victim specialist, not an agent. Nevertheless, after one of her friends is taken by the slavers, she uses her experience as a submissive to be placed as bait the Shadowlands, an exclusive Florida BDSM club.

Dom Marcus Atherton works as the Shadowlands’ submissive trainer, but he doesn’t know why Z, the club’s owner, assigned a new trainee to him out of the blue and requested that he keep the mouthy sub on for a month. Having been married to a diva of a sub before, Marcus has no desire to deal with a sub that is constantly talking back and disobeying his orders. And yet, something about Gabi draws him to her. She’s sassy, to be sure, but there’s a sweetness and desire to fully submit that’s also there…when she isn’t acting out for inexplicable reasons.

Gabi doesn’t mind talking back to the lawyer/Dom Marcus. She’s had enough of stuffy suits to last her a lifetime. Then Gabi starts to see the man behind the suit, and it makes her yearn for something she can’t have: Marcus, as her Master. Gabi knows she can’t afford to break cover, not with a slaver targeting the Shadowlands. But she’s also never desired anyone the way she does Master Marcus…

The Masters of the Shadowlands are back in the fantastic, red-hot Make Me, Sir. Cherise Sinclair writes some of the sexiest, most engaging BDSM romances and Make Me, Sir is proof of that. As soon as I began reading Marcus and Gabi’s romance, I couldn’t stop until I finished (and had to resist starting again).

Gabi is a loyal friend and a genuinely kind, caring woman with a past that will tug at your heartstrings. She’s somewhat out of her depth when going undercover, but she’s strong, and does what needs to be done to attract the attention of the story’s villains. I admired her greatly and just plain adored her. As for Marcus…break out the fans, readers. Master Marcus, who was so incredibly appealing in the last Masters of the Shadowlands book, Lean on Me is only more so when he gets his chance to shine. Smart, sexy, dominant, and altogether wonderful, Marcus is sure to capture your heart. He’s a firm, but fair Dom, and like all the Shadowlands Masters, looks out for those in the club. I loved, loved, loved Marcus and Gabi together. Her sassiness and his patience are a good match and the way they fall in love just about turned me into a puddle of goo. At this point, Gabi and Marcus pretty much tie with Jessica and Master Z for my favorite Shadowlands couple.

Speaking of Jessica and Master Z, there’s a subplot involving them that could have had me glued to the book even had I not loved everything else about Make Me, Sir. I won’t spoil what happens, but I’m sure fans of the Masters of the Shadowlands will be every bit as enthralled as I.

Make Me, Sir is the fifth book of the Masters of the Shadowlands series, but it can be read as a standalone. The heroes and heroines of all the previous books (Club Shadowlands, Dark Citadel, Breaking Free, and Lean on Me) all play supporting roles, but new readers won’t be lost (though, fair warning, Make Me, Sir will likely make you want to run back and read the entire series). Ms. Sinclair also introduces some new Doms that made my mouth water. Between them (*cough*Special Agent Galen Kouros*cough*) and the questions I had at the end of the book involving the kidnappings, I am desperately hoping there are more Masters of the Shadowlands books to come.

The Shadowlands is all about safe, sane, and consensual BDSM practices (the emphasis on this in every book is something I love about the series), but the books themselves are all about gorgeously developed romance, scorchingly erotic love scenes, and snappy dialogue that will keep you reading for hours on end. Make Me, Sir is a phenomenal new addition to an already extraordinarily entertaining series. I loved Make Me, Sir and, as with all the Masters of the Shadowlands books, I will be reading it again and again and again. Make Me, Sir is a must-read!


Cherise Sinclair said...

I'm so glad you liked Make Me, Sir! I must admit, it was fun to write (when I wasn't snarling at stubborn Doms who have to do everything their own way) LOL. Thanks for the review!

JoLee @ Wickedly Delicious Book Blog said...

Great review. I have yet to find a good Dom series like Cherise Sinclair Master Of The Shadowlands.