Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review: Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley

Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley
Series: Chaos, Book 2
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Contemporary Romance Fire Inside Cover
ISBN: 9781455599288
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One night — that’s all Lanie Heron’s looking for. One night with gorgeous Chaos biker Hopper Kincaid and she’ll be satisfied. Having been burned by love before, Lanie has no interest in anything more. All it’ll take is one naughty night with Hop to scratch that itch she has for him.

Or so she thinks.

Hop knows Lanie doesn’t have any long-term ideas about the two of them, but now that he’s got her in his bed, he’s not about to let her go. Lanie’s beautiful, classy, and fiery — everything Hop wants. Now he just has to make her see that the two of them can be more than secret lovers who burn up the sheets.

A scarred heroine with a taste for drama meets her match in a badass biker in Fire Inside. Lanie and Hop’s story is my first taste of bestselling author Kristen Ashley’s writing style and I was drawn in by Ms. Ashley’s vivid, unique voice.

Hop is a hero who’ll have Kristen Ashley fans swooning. He’s an alpha male through and through, but he’s also incredibly warm and patient. Lanie, in turn, is a heroine with a short fuse who oftentimes screws up with Hop because of how she’s been treated by the men in her life before. The more I learned about Lanie, the more I liked her, though there were a number of times that I grew frustrated that she — and sometimes Hop — acted far younger than their ages (39 and 40 respectively). That being said, even though it took me a while to connect with Lanie and Hop, by the halfway point I was rooting for these two to make it. The scenes with Lanie, Hop, and Hop’s children were so wonderful Ms. Ashley could have sold me on this book with those scenes alone.

Fire Inside focuses on Lanie and Hop, but that doesn’t mean readers don’t get to see plenty of Chaos. Tack and Tyra of Motorcycle Man play large supporting roles and the events of Fire Inside run concurrent to what’s happening in the first Chaos novel, Own the Wind. There’s a lot of history between the Chaos members and their “old ladies,” and as I mentioned before, I’m new to Ms. Ashley’s books, so even though I didn’t feel lost while reading Fire Inside, I do have to wonder if I didn’t love the book as much as other readers did because I didn’t have the emotional connection that comes from being invested in the Dream Man and Chaos series.

Fire Inside starts off hot and gains momentum as the story progresses. Aside from the romance between Lanie and Hop, Ms. Ashley sets up a war between Chaos and a drug dealer, and the groundwork she laid has me eager to see what happens next in what may or may not be an overarching series plotline. So even though there were a few things (some of which I can’t reveal for spoiler reasons) that niggled here and there, overall I enjoyed Fire Inside and I’m looking forward to reading more of Ms. Ashley’s work.

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