Monday, June 10, 2013

Blog Tour: Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley

I am very excited that Wit and Sin is part of the Fire Inside blog tour. Kristen Ashley is an immensely popular author and I can’t believe that Fire Inside was the first book of hers I read!

Check out my review to see what I thought of the second Chaos book (spoiler alert: I’ll be back for more of Ms. Ashley’s hot heroes ;)) and then scroll on down to see some Q&As with Ms. Ashley, read an excerpt from Fire Inside, and enter to win some fabulous prizes from Ms. Ashley’s publisher, Forever!

Q&As with Kristen Ashley

1.Do you base your characters off people you know?
Yep. All the time. Tod and Stevie of the Rock Chicks were my neighbors back in Denver. Aunt Bette and Uncle Marshall of Motorcycle Man are based on my Aunt Barb and Uncle Mike. Herb and Trish from the Rock Chicks are very much like my late Mom and stepdad. I could go on (and on and on). It’s not every character, but here are many!

2. Have you ever thought about taking an existing book and rewriting it from a male pov?
I’ve had several suggestions to do this and until I had those suggestions, I hadn’t thought of it. I have written a novel entirely from the hero’s POV (Golden Trail) and I loved doing that! As for taking an existing one and doing it, the idea is intriguing. But which one?

3. Your books tend to feature older hero and heroines—is that a conscious decision?
Kind of and kind of not. My characters come to me as they are so I go with it however they come to me. That said, I’m not twenty anymore and still see all around me people of my age finding romance and love but that doesn’t seem to get much play. And it’s just as sexy and beautiful, maybe more so with history and experience, mistakes made, lessons learned, and the understanding you never keep growing. All that can make a story very rich. So yes, I want folks my age to have something they can relate to to sink their teeth into (not to mention me!) – this is probably why those older characters come to me.

Excerpt from Fire Inside

Fire Inside Cover
I was leaning against the wall and, with no small amount of difficulty, tugging my jeans over my boots when Hop crouched at my feet, his hands out to help me.

My jeans successfully pulled over my boots, I straightened. He did too and slid an arm loose around my waist as I tugged them up, zipped, buttoned, and belted them.

“Um…not big on putting these back on after they’ve been on the floor of a public bathroom,” I murmured, giving my panties in my fingers a little twirl. “And I don’t have a purse.”

Hop’s eyes got dark but he said not a word, grabbed my panties and shoved them in his front pocket.

Knowing my panties were in Hop’s jeans pocket made my thighs quiver."

“Just so you know,” I started, feeling suddenly nervous, “I’ve never had public handicapped bathroom sex before.”

“Just so you know,” Hop returned, grinning, “I haven’t either.”

“Uh…okay,” I muttered, finding it difficult to hold his smiling eyes and wanting to look at his shoulder. Instead, I lifted my hands to rest them there.

“Stall sex with a skank, yeah,” he went on and my head jerked. “Twice,” he continued and I felt my lips part. “Though, a private handicapped restroom is definitely the way to go with a lady. I’d never do you in a stall.”

He was teasing so I relaxed.


“I don’t think I could do a stall,” I shared.

“Like I said, wouldn’t do you in a stall.”

My lips curved up. “It’s good we agree on that.”


Ultimate prize to include:
- Signed copies of Own the Wind and Fire Inside
- Forever swag bag: Canvas tote bag to celebrate 10th Anniversary of Forever - full of Forever books
- $15 gift cart to B&N or Amazon
- Rock Chick bumper sticker
- Print copies of Rock Chick, Rock Chick Rescue, and Rock Chick Redemption

Second place prize: Signed copies of Own the Wind and Fire Inside

Third place prize: Signed copy of Fire Inside

Fourth place prize: E-copy of Fire Inside

Fifth place prize: E-copy of Fire Inside

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