A Regency Romance in 2 Minutes

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Even the most devout fans of historical romance (and I do count myself as one) must admit that certain clichés run amok through many novels of the genre. So when I friend passed this on to me, I laughed so much that I had to post a link to it:
A Regency Romance in 2 Minutes


Christine said...

Hi Kat!!!
You haven't posted here in ages. I was so excited to see something pop up in my feeds to your blog.

That Regency Romance in 2 Minutes is fantastic! I laughed the whole way through... very insightful. LOL

How have you been? It's been way too long since we've been in touch. We need to catch up! Hope you're well. :)

Angela said...

I've read that several times now, and it's always hilarious. I especially love the Butler parts LOLOL

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