Thursday, July 13, 2017

Review: Busted by Sydney Somers

Busted by Sydney Somers
Series: Promise Harbor Wedding, Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Previous Publisher
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Hockey star Jackson Knight has a hundred reasons not to return to Promise Harbor, but none of them are good enough to get him out of attending his best friend’s wedding. Even with a career-ending knee injury, every puck-bunny in town will be gunning for him.

Worse, getting a pair of cuffs slapped on him at the bachelor party could ruin any chance of getting back in the game, even as a coach. Unless he can convince the arresting officer to smooth things over—by going to the wedding as his date.

Hayley Stone figures posing as Jackson’s girlfriend is the least she can do to salvage his reputation. Plus, having a man with a toe-curling smile on her arm will keep her ex off her back.

What starts as a simple plan to deflect small-town pot-shots unexpectedly becomes a sizzling night that hits Jackson like a full-body-check to the heart. Now he’s determined to prove that she’s the best reason of all to come home—for good.

Former NHL star Jackson Knight would rather be anywhere else than Promise Harbor, but standing up as best man for your friend’s wedding isn’t exactly something that can be done remotely. Jackson needs to keep his image clean in order to land a new coaching job, which is why it’s not exactly good news that he finds himself in handcuffs the day he returns to his hometown. Now he’ll have to make nice with the cop who took him in. It’s not such a hardship, since Detective Hayley Stone – former bad girl and the sister of Jackson’s best friend – captivates him like no puck bunny ever has.

Hayley has worked hard to overcome her wild child past, and the last thing she needs is people giving her a hard time cuffing the hometown hero. When Jackson proposes she be his date for his friend’s wedding, Hayley agrees. After all, it’ll keep her ex off her back and the puck bunnies off his. What she doesn’t count on is the attraction between her and Jackson that threatens to knock them both off their feet. Jackson’s not the kind of man to stay in Promise Harbor and Hayley’s roots are deep in the town. Can they get involved in a no-strings affair without risking their hearts?

Busted is charming, sexy, and a blast to read. Hayley and Jackson have excellent chemistry in bed and out and it’s that chemistry that made this story such an engaging read.

Jackson is the hometown boy who made it big before a car crash ended his hockey career. He’s floundering in the beginning of the story and it was pure joy to watch him find himself and become the man he’s meant to be while in Promise Harbor. As for Hayley, she ran a bit wild as a teenager and has worked hard to make a name for herself as a cop. She’s dedicated, smart, and caring, but Jackson knocks her off her stride a bit. The two of them fit one another like lock and key, and their shared history makes for an easy connection and a seamless slide from friends to lovers. That being said, author Sydney Somers doesn’t make things easy on them. Jackson and Hayley have such different visions for the future that a happily ever after isn’t guaranteed. They both will need to figure out what they want and what they’re willing to risk if they hope to get that pitch perfect romance ending.

Busted is the third book in the multi-author Promise Harbor Wedding quartet, and if you don’t mind some minor spoilers for the other books, it can be read as a standalone. The series as a whole is excellent, but Jackson and Hayley are definitely two of my favorite characters. They’re funny, endearing, and, quite simply, the kind of people you wish were real so you could be friends with them. I loved them together and their love story is so incredibly entertaining I can’t wait to read it again.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the previous publisher (Samhain Publishing) in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.